back to article Crack a puzzle, win a WWII Enigma machine

A code breaking riddle that offers the chance to win a genuine World War II Enigma machine remains unsolved more than a year after the challenge was first posed. The chance to own a piece of crypto history is on offer through a code-breaking competition associated with the book Can you crack the Enigma code? by author Richard …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Shameless plug you have to buy the book to see the puzzle. And the person who "alerted" you to the puzzle... will earn money from people buying the book.

    Yet another ShamelessPlug (TM) by el reg.

  2. Dave

    The answer is....

    Forty two

  3. graeme leggett Silver badge

    Been there, done that

    In that it sounds rather in the same mould as Simon Singh's book on codes,

    Though for his there was £10,000 up for grabs if you got beat all ten codes. The winners cracked a RSA 512 bit key on relatively low grade hardware.

    I only got as far as about Code 3 amazing what you can do with Excel.

  4. Mike Norris

    Solved it...

    Didn't really, good eye-catching title tho'!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Dumb it Down

    Competition entrants today are too used to a low level of grey-matter challenge. Change the competition to read:

    Whose codes were cracked by the Enigma machine?

    A) The Nazis

    B) Paris Hilton

    C) Cheese

    and then charge everyone a £1 to enter.

  6. Rob

    B - Paris Hilton

    Who do I give the quid to? (what was the prize again?)

  7. Spleen


    Even better, put it on ITV Play.

    "We're looking for eight words that could be encypted with the Enigma machine. Call us now and you could win an Enigma machine or £10,000! Calls cost £75 per minute."

    "Oh I'm sorry, none of you saddos got it right. The answers were: rawlplugs, shindig, Schadenfreude, lemming, breccia, unscathed, catamite and Dangermouse. Better luck next time!"

  8. Anonymous Coward

    zOMG that'll really make things less confusing!!!1!!one!

    You've gone and set amanfromMars on them. I think he's trying to "help".

    Run away!

  9. Jon Brindley

    RE: Dumb it Down

    I am the only one who thought "Enigma was for ENcrypting not DEcrypting"?

  10. amanfromMars Silver badge

    A Sane DisRegard of Haste is an Elegant Prize

    "Run away!" ..... Any which way, AC?!. They will all lead back to the Beginning Any Way, anyway.

  11. lglethal Silver badge

    @ Jon Brindley

    You needed an Engima machine to both ENcrypt your message and to DEcrypt it at the other end.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    All your enigma are belong to us

    All your enigma are belong to us

    All your enigma are belong to us

    All your enigma are belong to us

    All your enigma are belong to us


  13. Tim Lane

    It is a riddle,

    wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

  14. Daniel Kay

    ...and no-one suspected...

    ...that the apparently incoherent ramblings of amanfromMars, when run through a series of complicated decryption algorithms, would hold the secret of eternal life...

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