back to article Official: PS3 to get DivX through firmware upate

PlayStation 3 gamers will soon have access to DivX digital video content through their consoles after Sony yesterday agreed to a tie-up between the two companies. Although a release date hasn’t yet been announced, DivX claimed it will certify the PS3 in the “near future”. Once completed, PS3 owners old and new will be able to …


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  1. TLA
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    There is a god...

    ...DivX be thy name.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    About time too!

    Finally a decent feature from a firmware update. I'll no longer have to burn a CD from a computer and play it in my DVD/DIVX player. One less device under the TV.

  3. fishman

    PS3 is going...

    Looks like the PS3 is going to (Kevin) Hell.

  4. Rob
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    M$ set to continue "Cat and mouse" game

    Not that I'm complaining about the possibility of DivX support on my Xbox 360 Elite, but this is just like the HDMI fiasco:

    M$ - "No you don't need it"

    Media - "Erm... Sony says you do"

    M$ - "Well if they put it in theirs, we'll put it in ours"

    360 owners - "No I don't believe M$ will betray it's customer base, despite all the credible evidence to the contrary"

    Sony - "Introducing the PS3..."

    M$ - "...Introducing the new and improved Xbox 360...."

    Only this time, it's even more likely to happen. I think this is living proof that competition in the market place is essential to keeping the quality high.

    Thank you, Sony, for all the improvements you've made to the Xbox 360.

  5. Liam


    im really excited to be able to downgrade from 1080p HD video back to divx! (sarcasm)

    whats the need? apart from watching crappy divx. This is a HD player with HD content.... oh well

  6. Jozbun
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    ... this means I'll no longer have to reformat my DIVX stuff to PS format anymore.

    Now if only the PSP would be given a similar update.

  7. Joe K

    Thats all very well....

    ..except that anything worth watching from the net now is in Xvid and Matroska format :-(

    Also the new PS3's have lost the memory card slots, which kind of defeats the purpose of plugging a mem stick with videos in.

    If they got Wifi streaming working so it acted like a proper media centre, that'd be something.

  8. Alex
    Paris Hilton


    Erm.... TVersity?? Wifi streaming with on-access conversion? free? Quite why you'd want a memory card reader for viewing films is beyond me when a memory card is .. erm.. ooo, about £20. TVersity is free, simplistic to use (once changing the resolution of the streaming video to 640x480)

    Works a treat.

    Also, i think I'm right in saying that Xvid can be played on DivX players.. well at any rate, i can play Xvid on my DivX player..

  9. onyxsoundwave

    DivX (producing full HD 1080p) is more than what you think it is...

    @ Liam

    DivX's codec (6.7) is capable of encoding content in full HD 1080p just for the record. It's actually been proven through yearly test that the DivX codec is rated as either the best or second best compressed digital format over the past 5 years.

    I think Sony recognized this after talking with Kevin Hill thus it only made since to offer it's customer base one more HD option for even further cross compatibility.

    You might want to do a little more research there Liam before you go dogging the joint venture of DivX and Sony. Just a little food for thought!

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