back to article Illegal immigrant finds work as spook for the FBI and CIA

A former agent for the CIA and FBI admitted she illegally accessed government computers to obtain classified information about the radical Islamic group Hezbollah. Nada Nadim Prouty, 37, also confessed that she fraudulently obtained US citizenship years before receiving a security clearance, according to a Justice Department …


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  1. lglethal Silver badge
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    Where was the info...

    from the last paragraph...

    "Shortly before Prouty joined the CIA, her sister and brother-in-law attended a fund-raising event in Lebanon at which the keynote address was delivered by Sheikh Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah."

    ... when they were doing her security check???

    Perhaps el reg should conduct all security checks from now on! :P

  2. Glenn Gilbert

    Let's pluck the low hanging fruit

    Doesn't quite sound like the actions of an arch criminal/tourist mind ...

    Let's get this right; if the FBI/CIA can't employ people with a "special interest" in places where Americans don't/can't/won't go, just exactly how are these agencies expected to conduct their research? Geronimo?

  3. James
    Black Helicopters

    isn't that treason?

    shouldn't she be hanged?

  4. Anonymous Coward


    We don't want people to think too much about those who access or leak classified information do we?

    They might start putting two and two together and come up with Libby, Rove, Novak, Armitage, and Ari Fleischer to name the ones we know who recently did some serious leaking.

    Po' little Libby just skated thanks to his big buddy in the White House on that jail term. The little bugger doesn't want to have to worry about getting his neck stretched now.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Technically she needs to be a citizen to commit treason, she's guilty of espionage.

    Either way, sounds like another in a series of world beaking c***-ups by the US security services

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    she was tricky, she lied to us!

  7. Paul

    @james & @ Anonymous Coward

    So if its espionage she should be shot rather than hanged?

  8. John A Blackley


    Before we go getting all self-righteous about "world beaking c****-ups by the US security services" (Yes, you, AC - whatever a "world beaking c***-up" is), let's just ponder for a moment how many illegals are guarding Scotland Yard.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what you have to remember

    Is that the authorities put out so much nlack, untrue information that you REALLY cannot believe what you read is said by them about anyone. If the man on the street actually knew how far the police,authorities etc actually go if they are "upset" with anyone they would be gobsmacked. Dont believe anything unless you know it yourself. Probably they have made this sound far worse than it was to boost what they want, retribution for showing them up.

  10. Nick

    A Stab in the Dark...

    ... but could it be that the security services were out looking for the weapons of mass distraction when she applied for the job?

  11. heystoopid

    And yet "Wrong Is Right"

    And yet when Sibel Edmonds blew the whistle to tell the rest of the world her bosses and the powers to be chose not to listen because it was a message that the man at the top of the pyramid did not want to hear period !

    Alas the most unfortunate thing about it is , those that deserve to be sacked for basic stupidity and incompetence will be undoubtedly promoted and then pat themselves on the back like the boy spies from Cambridge of old !

    Thus the utopian life of spies evolves in around the same endless circle of deceit lies and propaganda !

    Also Hollywood warned us of this very thing in a number of black comedy films made in the early eighties as well like "Wrong Is Right " to name one of the many !

    Sadly Dr Laurence J Peters warned of this back in 1968 in his book the "Peter Principle " !

    Life moves in endless circles !

  12. ElFatbob


    matt damon's film should've been called 'The Retarded Shepherd (and the halfwits)'...

    The US must sleep well at night....

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My question would be did she actually do good work for the FBI and CIA?

    She may have been an excellent analyst and interpreter providing a valuable service. How many other people lie about their country of Origin? Some of the best Rocket Builders in the USA were German Nazi's.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    More to this than meets the eye.

    "On Nov. 6, 2007, Prouty resigned her position at the CIA. Pursuant to the terms of her plea agreement, she has agreed to fully and truthfully cooperate with the CIA on any matters the CIA deems necessary to transition Prouty out of its employment..."

    So she *resigned* a week ago, and has been had up in front of the beak already? Wonder how long she's been being observed, and what it was tipped them off to her activities: just a routine internal investigation due to flagged inappropriate access to records? Or her *known* family links to Hizbollah...?

    And her plea bargain involves not smearing her employment record with a dismissal for gross misconduct. She must have some *really* valuable intel.

  15. Lee

    Slight difference there

    "Before we go getting all self-righteous about "world beaking c****-ups by the US security services" (Yes, you, AC - whatever a "world beaking c***-up" is), let's just ponder for a moment how many illegals are guarding Scotland Yard."

    Slight difference in scale between possible illegals in the police and a outing an illegal in your "intelligence agencies".

    And there is no current news story about illegals in either our police or other agencies (though I admit it wouldn't surprise me).

  16. Shakje


    finished reading a Dale Brown book just last night that had an illegal Mexican immigrant working at the top levels of the army.

  17. Dr. Mouse

    So what?

    I am certain that a hell of a lot of cops/agents have misused their powers.

    How about a cop running a check on their kids new boy/girlfriend, etc?

    Yes she lied, paid for a green card, had family members in Hizbollah, but did she actualy do anything REALLY wrong? I guess we will never know, and that's why the rules are there, but to me their is no proof that she did anything wrong apart from fraudulently get a green card (I think thats the term isnt it?) and take a peek at how her family/mates back home were doing. The main thing is the FBI and CIA cocked up, and thats nothing new! American Intelligence... two words that should never be used in the same sentence!

    OK, let the flames commence from outraged Yanks ;)

  18. M. Burns Silver badge

    @ Dr. Mouse

    "...did she actualy (sic) do anything REALLY wrong?"

    Civilized folks have rule of law where the law as written and legal precedence are used to define what is “really wrong”, rather than some vague “moral compass” which varies from person to person & depends on the mood of the moment of those judging. Rule of law, while not perfect, gives a vastly higher level of consistency in judgments of guilt and sentencing and a vastly higher level of respect for the rights of the accused to defend themselves against the charges or against misuse of authority by those prosecuting.

    Using your vague & emotional “did she actually do anything REALLY wrong” criteria means, as one can see from the above comments, that “justice” depends of who is meting it out.

  19. anthony bingham

    The Tip of a HUGE Iceberg with the US as the Titanic !

    The UK is stuffed with "iIlegals" and they are mostly employed in "security" type jobs that are poorley paid with bad hours and no training or reference take-up. No English person ( on Benifits!) would touch it with a cattle prod. We still consider "Security" work as a bottom of the heap joke ... then BANG goes the car bomb and Bruce Willis is on furlough .... if all else fails try Residential Care of the elderly ... they don't even have to speak American as long as they can boil mince !

  20. Mr Chris

    @ M burns

    That's "precedents" not "precedence".

  21. M. Burns Silver badge

    @Mr Chris

    Thank you. I typed that (badly) in Word before cutting and pasting it into the form, and didn't catch the error.

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