back to article Yahoo! Settles! With! Jailed! Chinese! Journos!

Yahoo! has settled a lawsuit from two Chinese journalists who went to the slammer after the company coughed up their online info. The terms of the settlement were not fully disclosed, as The Associated Press reports, though the web giant told us that it's "working to provide financial, humanitarian and legal support" to the …


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  1. Robert Liebsch

    Almost Livid

    I just can't believe this.

    How many illegal prisoners does the US have, and by dodgy methods at that. How many people were traced on Teh Intarwebs? And where did that data come from? And wasn't it the beloved REG that posted an article about the CIA darkrooms at ATT facilities?

    Seriously, it's okay for the US to steal/demand data, but not okay for other nations to do it. Super. Yahoo! is a global business. You have to play by the rules of the locale you are in.

    The moral pygmy thing is just icing on the cake... glass houses, man. Glass houses.

  2. Andy Bright

    The! Exclaimation! Marks! Must! Stay!

    Like most people I've vented enough about Yahoo and Google's policy of shopping their customers to the police, just because they want to benefit from the Chinese market. Anyone with a conscience would have accidentally deleted the data from their servers, said "fuck you arseholes" and left.

    awww poor little CEOs needed an extra $million in their wallets did they? Anyone that says they're helping to soften these regimes by being there needs to be smacked. Stories like this are proof the exact opposite is true.

    nb. The '!' are an absolutely vital tool, helping the hard of seeing-headlines recognise reports about wankers. Taking them away would be discrimination - or something.

  3. Heff

    Mission accomplished!

    "Yahoo was founded on the idea that the free exchange of information can fundamentally change how people lead their lives, conduct their business, and interact with their governments. We are committed to making sure our actions match our values around the world."" If thats not mission accomplished, I dont know what is.

    I'd say being locked up in a chinese jail is a pretty fundamental change. It'd be nice if 'merkins, and the west in general could accept that not every country wants to be a democracy, and that "free exchange of information" can still get people black-bagged in the middle of the night.

    equally someone might want to enlighten all political journalists everywhere that running stories counter to your countries aims or beliefs might get you a smack in the teeth : literally or metaphorically, and that crying wolf when this comes around, NO MATTER how it comes around, is a statement of extreme naiivete.

  4. Anonymous Cowherd

    Exclamations warn us!

    Hazardous people, the Yahoos.

    Though ever since they painted over "First do no evil" one can no longer be at all certain about Google! either.

  5. Shaun Vizer

    @Andy Bright

    hear, hear old man! I am still quite shocked that any global company that has made millions because it originated in a democratic society could overturn it's principles so quickly and easily and provide info that leads to 2 people losing their basic human rights.

    I am almost physically sick by Yahoo's actions.

  6. David Cornes

    Pot, kettle, black...

    This is such a tricky area: would ISPs passing information to the UK police forces upon request, which later turned out to assist in averting some terrorist atrocity (I know, I know, Daily Mail headline material this!), be pilloried in the same way?

    Toa large extent a multinational company has to work within the laws of the country it is operating in. However much it, and you and I, might disagree with them, the company isn't really in a position to easily change or ignore them.

    Saying all that, there REALLY is something ever so slightly repugnant about a US senator rebuking others for their morality... :-O

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