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Volantis, a specialist in making the same content work on every mobile phone, is open sourcing its server, allowing anyone to download and run their content-optimising system for free. The Mobility Server: Community Edition is initially available as a free binary, with source code to follow next year under the GPL. It's the …


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  1. Jamie Kitson

    Why Bother?

  2. Nigel
    Thumb Up

    Novarra is going down

    This is great, while Novarra is going around the world trampling on the mobile web, and being a general asshole to the mobile web communiy, Volantis is realizing the power of the developer community and contributing. Let's hope with tools like this more people will develop and enrich the mobile web.

  3. Adrian Jackson

    re: Why Bother

    Because web transcoders don't do a great job of all pages and don't give you the ability to target different platforms with different content. It's neat and all that, but automagically modified pages (even with the Power of Google) are never going to be a match for content designed with the device in mind. You'll also get a better result on the more screwed up of devices.

    Compare the following URLs for the CBS Sportsline site on your mobile phone:

    I'll take the latter any day of the week (twice on Sunday)...

    Disclaimer: I *do* work for Volantis. I *have* worked on web transcoding software. I also regularly access the CBS Sportsline site (which is rendered using the product that's being open sourced here) on my mobile phone. :)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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