back to article Skynet 5B still on ground after Arianespace snags

The UK armed forces' Skynet 5B military communications satellite, which was due to be launched on Friday night, has suffered a second delay over the weekend and remains on the ground in French Guiana. A revised launch date and time are not yet available. Skynet 5B was to join the 5A spacecraft launched earlier this year, …


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  1. Matthew Smith

    Sarah Connor

    Its failed because a bunch of time commandos have come back to prevent Skynet from launching. The terminators will be along soon. Fact!

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Telling it like IT is....

    And I also would agree with the very enigmatic Paradigm Strategy for Funding for it is one close to many a BraveHeart and perfectly Valid too. And funding will never ever be an issue to blight the program if it is Really also all about the delivery of "requisite" bandwidth rather than just merely the take up of it.

    That is of course, if Paradigm are into the Known Unknowns game and are more into HyperRadioProActive BroadBandCasting of News and Views for Vistas rather than merely spectating and gathering them in order for others to react Chaotically to them..... in the usual traditional norm.....the headless chicken sort of way.

    Who'd have thought it ..... a Skynet Satellite Ruling QuITe Majestically with Beta Information Beamed down to One and ALL.

    It is an Admirable Astute Stealth, that for Sure.

    I am reminded of Custer's last words before he was lost for them ... "What Injuns, where?"

  3. Johan Struwwelpeter
    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton

    She's everywhere, even on skynet .

  4. Anonymous John

    Re Apart from this little ongoing delay from Arianespace

    Launch delays aren't unusual. I reckom they'll try again tonight.

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Angels of the Gods and in a Hilton Hotel near to U2. ..and Probably Definitely there too.

    "She's everywhere, even on skynet "

    I certainly hope so for without her ilk how would we ever achieve a perfect blast-off and exhilarating flight into orbit.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Why 2/3?

    Any commenter's tell me why its only 2/3 or the world?

    Which 1/3 isn't covered and why?

    Murphys law of British military mis-adventures indicates that 1/3 will probably be our next conflict zone. I bet Bin Hiding is in that 1/3, i demand more government pork powered satellites and erm Galileo as well for no other reason that why not.

  7. Mike Richards Silver badge

    @Anonymous Coward

    'Which 1/3 isn't covered and why?'

    The North American continent and Pacific regions. They're not covered because Britain has no significant strategic assets in the region.

  8. amanfromMars Silver badge

    The Lost Tribes in America

    "The North American continent and Pacific regions. They're not covered because Britain has no significant strategic assets in the region."

    Hmmm. The very Real and Present Danger is that they be classed and viewed as Toxic Waste[d] Zones.

    Totally unnecessary Really, but such is as has been their Play Strategy of Late.

  9. Solomon Grundy

    Which 1/3 isn't covered and why

    North America isn't covered because the Brits have no significant strategic assets there? What about Canada - that's a British asset but I guess it isn't strategic.

    P.S. I already knew Canada wasn't strategic but I'm surprised their ruling country doesn't think so.

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