back to article Nintendo creates online catwalk for Wii Miis

Nintendo has launched a Wii channel for fanboys - and girls - that lets them post their Mii avatars online and have other users praise or pillory them. For anyone not in the know, a Mii is a Wii-centric cartoon representation of yourself. Your Mii can be personalised by changing, say, eyebrow shape or hair colour and is then …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    2.5 Life?

    Maybe you Mii could also appear in 2nd life with all of the other Avatars to do whatever you do in 2nd life

  2. Ian

    Not actually a bad thing...

    its pretty good really... allows you access to using more varied wii's than you might also have too (if you're too lazy to create your own)

  3. Ian

    oh and FYi

    It's called the Wii Contest Channel....

    I don't mind spin but blatant lies and misinformation? I thought I was reading about bush on digg for a minute.

  4. David Gosnell

    I'm sure someone will like it ...

    ... but not us. We had it installed for about 5 minutes before deciding it was going to be a waste of space, and induce excess Mii clutter.

    Far rather they would put effort into fixing the news and weather channels so they can get data on demand (y'know, a bit like the web, but I suppose they want to sell their Opera port) rather than insist on the unit being left in an almost fully-powered state 24/7.

  5. Andrew Bolton

    I'm sure I'll be the 45th person to make this comment but...

    It's not called Check Mii Out. It's called the Mii Contest Channel. Apparently the yank version is Check Mii Out. I have no idea why us Europeans get a different name.

    Ah! Probably so they can charge us pounds for dollars price! $0/£0. Terrible rip off merchants :-)

    The celeb Mii's already up are quite funny. I like the one of GWB looking particularly gormless. And I can now beat him up in a boxing match, which is strangely satisfying.


  6. Avi

    Mii, Myself, and I

    Hmm, I'm curious if Nintendo intended people to post accurate representations of themselves, or have it be a perceived representation. If the first, does that mean people are supposed to be rating others on how they actually look?

  7. Andrew Johns
    Thumb Down

    following on from David Gosnell's comments regarding their other rubbish channels..

    The opera browser they flog these days ain't much cop anyway.

    I've emailed Nintendo (via their service centre) a list of improvements they should implement, and was told they had no plans to release any improvements, but that my email would be forwarded to Nintendo Europe.

    Anyone else who's using the Wii browser will know the benefits of them adding:

    1) Browser tabs. Multiple webpage browsing is a must these days!

    2) Tying the browser session to a user's Mii. Favourites can then be stored for that individual user rather than along with everyone else's in the household.

    3) Also, allowing tying it to a particular user, any household members visiting the same sites (e.g. webmail or facebook) can remember their password without having to re-enter it every time their sister/mum/dad/brother has been on it.

    4) Custom dictionaries (again associated to an individual Mii), so that it remembers commonly entered words like your surname, town or email address.

    5) making the mailto: links do *something*. You can't even copy an email link and then fire up a webmail client (in the same window, as it doesn't have tabs! grrr) and paste it. Either create an email client as part of the internet channel/browser, or somehow allow a user to specify a webmail to open when clicking a link, which will hopefully automatically begin composing an email with the To: field already entered?

    6) Flash 8 and above not supported, but that's Adobe holding that up, I gather.

    7) not even being able to sample small mp3 clips when considering buying a CD on a shopping site, due to MPEG not being supported!

    8) A quick delete option when you click on a text field? how about if you hold down the delete key for a few seconds it wipes the entire field completely?

    This is supposedly no longer a beta, and they actually expect you to pay money for it. I'm sure others have similar suggestions for improvements. If Nintendo expect whole families to gather round the Wii for internet sessions, then they have a bit more work to do yet.

  8. David Gosnell

    Nintendo Service Centre

    Hey, at least you got a response out of them. Almost a fortnight on I am still waiting to hear back about a possible fault, which may have worsened in the meantime. Why bother publishing an email address no-one appears to bother to monitor? Ah, it'll be the semi-premium-rate number you phone in desperation instead, that no-one bothers to answer. If it hadn't been for SayNoTo0870 we would be several pounds poorer for no benefit whatsoever.

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