back to article EU Google-DoubleClick probe calls for Google-DoubleClick probe

After investigating Google's bid to buy DoubleClick, EU antitrust regulators have decided to investigate it again. The European Commission originally promised a ruling on Google's proposed $3.1bn purchase on October 26. Then it delayed things a bit, promising a decision would arrive today. And today, as reported by The Wall …


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  1. Philip Marshall

    It will be like GE-Honeywell all over again

    I am constantly seeing this as the rekindling of the General Electric-Honeywell failed merger a few years ago. All this time and effort in this merger will be wasted for nothing, and it will show the EU aren't a bunch of capitalist €urocrats.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Approval still likely

    Apparently the vast majority of second phase investigations still result in clearance.

  3. Edward Grace

    Eurocrats - @Philip Marshall

    Surely that should be €crats?

    Otherwise there's too much repeated, repetitive redundancy - or is that the point?

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