back to article Capgemini makes HMRC job cuts

IT outsourcing outfit Capgemini is to slash its workforce at the Inland Revenue by more than 20 per cent following the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) decision to restructure its Aspire contract. An announcement made to UK-based Capgemini staff yesterday confirmed that up to 600 jobs would be cut at the firm. Public and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I believe that this is a move to off-shoring the work to India. For a long time now Cap have been rotating Indian based employees over a two year period, they get exposure to the HMRC account, then go back. Cap are now in a position where they have enough knowledge of the account back in India that they could start to move the work over there. Next they will reduce the UK based employees, when more work comes along, Cap and HMRC will have no other option than to shift the work to India.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    HMRC has to open its eyes to CAP strategy

    CAP strategy of replacing LOCAL workers with Indian workers....

    is this what the government wants? unemployment and redundancy for its own local workers....doesnt government policies apply to this HMRC site..ASPIRE...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Who cares

    As long asthey keep up the Indian standard i expect the vat fraud to escalate at a huge rate, now they have 'Inside' information.

    HMRC could not make it up, but it will happen, and when it does it will be a Cap gem issue, but the government will again be held liable.

    Really who would want to work in IT these days, 4 years to get a degree in your jobs off to india? no thanks!.

    Soon I hope to see India offshoring work to the 3rd world country that is the UK :)

  4. James Pickett
    Black Helicopters

    What a shame..

    ..never mind. I find it hard to muster much sympathy for a government department that so frequently fails to follow its own advice, including selling its own property portfolio to a company operating out of a tax haven.

    Perhaps ASPIRE should be rebranded as CONSPIRE.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Crap Gemini

    Isn't it about time we outsourced the cretins who run these scam companies fleecing the taxpayer to India?

    While we're at it, we should fly in all our westminster politicians from India - They would probably do a better job.

    If this were France there would be revolution in the air.

  6. Graham pinches
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    RE: Who cares

    I think you'll find that work offshored to India isthen offshored again to places like China & Vietnam because that cost is even cheaper. Anyone know what the wages are for collecting trollies at Tesco?

  7. WildCat


    It is disappointing that permenant Cap UK employees have to face this situation, due to Cap's initial misuse of the HMRC budget for ASPIRE. Cap has been bagging profits at the cost of employees benefits and salaries. Salaries in Cap stand at 30% less then what the market is offering. Inspite of this they still cut cost by reducing bonuses, pay rises, pomotions etc. And now finally replacing UK employees with Indian employees.

    Way to go Cap, any other cheap tricks up your sleve.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh so Crap Gemini??

    They just do what all consultancies do - keep the customer in the dark about the systems - so the customer can't maintain or extend them themselves. They ignore the internal staff and work round them, so that the internals are not needed - then they i.e. CG are in an invincible position, and can fleece the customer, because no-one knows any better. Machievelli strikes again.

    The trouble with public organisations is that it is our money they are getting - the taxpayers - we are all being ripped off. Our MPs - bless their cotton socks- are not capable of ascertaining whether we - joe public - are getting value for money. When, as with the health service various knowledgeable IT professionals and academics, suggest a review of what is being delivered by the CGs of this world, this is not allowed by the Government. The reason that no review is allowed is that the government would be shown up for their waste of the taxpayer's money. Now wouldn't that be a shame, we might ask awkward questions.

  9. Hoss

    Facts of Life

    Im sure the recent announcement regarding the redundancies at Capgemini are very unsettling for all employees. As the budgets for a number of Government departments have been reduced that would affect all suppliers engaged, irrespective of the nature of their offering. If the volume and value of new business is reduced its simply not feasible to retain the organisation in its current format. As with all listed companies there is a primary duty to deliver a return for their shareholders. A way to minimise the impact of reducing revenue is to focus on the operating costs. A significant cost are the resources themselves so a quick fix is to reduce the staffing compliment to an 'acceptable' level.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Capgemini have had this contract for quite a while now and the fact is that the moment that they get the chance to "rightshore" to India they WILL do it, and if HMRC won't let them go to India then it will move to Scotland where they can find cheap labour.

    Capgemini don't look after their staff and this isn't the first time they have made staff redundant on this contract, just 12 months ago they got rid of at least 30 temporary workers from one of their offices with just a few hours notice.

    They spend more time fleecing the customer and staff than anything else, showing them fancy facts and figures and nice offices when in actual fact they are really struggling to honour their contractual obligations.

    Capgemini is set to pay back money to the HMRC as failings in the service are noticed and with redundancies of 20% they are already up the creek without a paddle as they are already not meeting their targets.

    With redundancies on the cards Capgemini staff are no longer making the effort they were and the service provided by all is very half hearted which has already been noticed by HMRC.

    Most former workers refer to the company as CRAP GEMINI which is because of the way they treat their employees who surprisingly have a great deal of willpower to stay on until they realise they’ve been fleeced by one of the biggest names in IT Outsourcing and the same will be true of the HMRC who should be looking for a get out clause in the contact which they can exercise!

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