back to article Bangkok vigilante 'wipes out' sleeping security guards

A Thai security guard who took exception to fellow operatives sleeping on the job because they had "taken advantage of their employers and did not deserve to be paid", duly beat 10 of the men to death, the Telegraph reports. Witaya Jaikhan, 30, clubbed his victims with an iron bar or wooden stick after initiating his Bangkok …


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  1. moonoi

    Should quote the security guards....

    I live over here in sunny BKK. Just as bad as what the vigilante guard did is the guards attitude to sleeping on the job!!!

    Quote from BKK Post:

    Security guards also said that taking a nap on duty was common practice and insisted the habit does not affect their work.

    ''We only take a nap, not a deep sleep. We will be up on our feet immediately if something happens,'' said Sanguan Chumchimplee, 51, a security guard at a warehouse in the Klong Toey area.

    Yeah right!!! Kind of understand where the guy was coming from but beating them up and killing the guards is rather extreme.

    The guard at my office turns the light out in the mail room and sleeps in there because you can't see that anyone is in there when its dark and it has the benefit of aircon.

    At least this will have the benefit of making the security guards stay awake whilst on duty....for a short time anyway.

  2. Richard


    The Chuck Norris angle?

    Darn that scriptwriter's strike!

  3. Finn

    Who do you gona call?

    Well, if they don't like sleeping guards, there is always Blackwater...

    Rule 8.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    if we all had the threat of death for poor performance on the job we'd not be in the state we're in now? Ooops - better get back to work before my boss executes me

  5. laird cummings


    << ''We only take a nap, not a deep sleep. We will be up on our feet immediately if something happens,'' >>

    If something happens. Really? What, like getting beaten with a club? I think we can safely assume that they are NOT waking up 'if anything happens.'

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "We will be up on our feet immediately if something happens"

    Um, yeah, if something happens. Like someone sneaks up behind you and hits you with a bat? Since several security guards with this attitude died, I'm thinking, no you won't be up on your feet soon enough.

    Oh you meant as long as the perpetrator yells, "I'm going to commit a crime now," prior to entering the area you are securing? A reasonable assumption I suppose.

  7. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    Meta-security guards?

    Maybe they need security guards to ensure the safety of the security guards?

    and then if these fall asleep simply hire a meta-meta-security guard.....

  8. Mountford D

    Low crime rate in Bangkok

    Having been born and lived my early years in South-East Asia, I can understand the guards' sonambulistic practice as the Far Eastern culture is one of peaceful honesty and respect. Vandalism is unheard of and the presence of a guard, awake or asleep is usually enough to deter burglars.

    Napping in the hot climate is common practice for guards and burglars alike and they certainly would not have been expecting to be clobbered on the head, much less by one of their own.

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