back to article Diversity attacks Top500 supercomputer list

The latest Top 500 Supercomputer list has arrived, reflecting a rather vibrant market for the highest performing systems. A refreshed version of IBM's BlueGene/L system at Lawrence Livermore National Lab remains the top overall machine. It's been number one since 2004, which must be a source of endless joy at both Big Blue and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Amazed by Intel and HP combination

    Can't believe that SGI and HP beats IBM (in 10th position) with much less number of Intel x86 processors. Look at the number of processors, SGI and HP number of processors much less compare to IBM. What does this mean? Less processors, less boards, less spaces, and may lead to less MONEY (not really sure though). Too bad... the website doesn't show the performance/price comparison.

    Another interesting point is that HP manages to show the world that their blade system talks by itself, doesn't have to create any videos at all. This result shows that they are talking no temperature, talking no noise, they talk about the performance. Look at these blades performance, they put their cheap blade HP Proliant BL460c to fight against the famous IBM BlueGene Solution. HP learns from mistake, they have changed their enclosure design for more than one time. Now they come back with a blade system that can scale well from SOHO, SME and even a real big Enterprise solution (look at the TOP500 supercomputer). Makes the customer easily scale their system, the fact shows that it scales from c3000 (up to 16 processors) to ~14,000 Processors. BL460c is even available for online purchase from HP website...

  2. Johan
    Jobs Horns

    Blue Gene

    You might want to read up on the philosophy behind Blue Gene before making yourself look like a fool.

    The PowerPC processors used in Gene are in no way meant to to be high performers by themselves, the strong point of the architecture is the scalability of it all.

    And the PPC 440's are relatively easy on your electrical bill as well.

    Oh and if you want to advertise HP products, you might want to look into buying some ad space, I'm sure El Reg can accommodate your needs just fine.

  3. JP Strauss
    Dead Vulture

    While you're at it...

    ...take some grammar lessons!

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