back to article Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT graphics chip

Nvidia’s new 'G92' graphics chip is based on the 'G80' used in the GTS, GTX and Ultra versions of the GeForce 8800, and is a die-shrink that moves from the part from its predecessors' 90nm fabrication process to 65nm. There are other changes inside the chip, which gains the VP2 video engine and bitstream processor used in the …


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  1. Sensimilla

    Beware Linux users

    Currently there are no drivers for this card under linux. The Nvidia driver selector on their website will tell you that you can use version 100.14.19 or 100.14.23 - beta. This is NOT TRUE, they will not work.

    Nvidia have said that they will release compatible drivers for this card as a top priority but there is no ETA...

    I just found out the hard way...

  2. Jim Metz


    Boy thank you. You saved me some bucks.

  3. Steven Griffiths

    All well & good, however... buggers got 'em in stock anymore. Fair enough releasing something pretty, would be handy if they could actually come out in decent numbers though FFS.

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