back to article Prince sends army of lawyers to take on Pirate Bay

Prince is lining a flotilla of lawyers to take on the Pirate Bay, in the latest stage of his crusade to stamp out web piracy of his stuff. The small big star sent his hard core fans reeling last week, when he fired "cease and desist" notices at unofficial fan sites and demanded "details of the means by which you propose to …


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  1. James Summerson

    Entertaining Reading Ahoy!

    Looks like there's going to be a new set of pages on the Pirate Bay Legal pages.

    Hasn't Prince or his legal team read the other replies to Web Sherriff, when they've been used for the exact same role?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Nice one

    Im lookin forward to it appearing on the highly entertaining legal threats section of the pirate bay...

    Now do I see Web Sherriff already in the hall of fame? pmsl

  3. Lickass McClippers

    Further strengthening my opinion...

    ...that this guy is a twat...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Prince's best defence against piracy...

    Hmm. I would be tempted to start a massive Prince piracy operation, but I don't think it's morally justifiable to inflict his shitty music on more people. What a fool.

  5. Keith Turner

    Purple rain or golden shower

    It looks like the web is now the pension plan for the purple knob-head. Gives away CD then sets his hounds to sniff out anyone even considering downloading -- well, just about anything.

    I'm waiting for the knock on the door when the men in suits demand my tins of Prince's sardines - "It's got his name in it, therefore he owns it!"

    I pity the young royals when they get a letter for 'cease and desist' of the word 'Prince' in their title.

    What if I dyed a dog purple and called it 'Prince'?

  6. b166er

    Prince of thieves

    Any PR at this point in his career can only be a good thing, even if it's bad PR.

    Can't wait to see TPB give him one up the rusty websherriff's badge, I mean c'mon, if he really wanted to succeed, he wouldn't have hired them?!?!

    Why is there an apostrophe in wouldnot?

  7. Colin Jackson


    /me gets coat and goes out to buy more popcorn.

  8. g e
    Thumb Up

    And they're still fans?

    You'd think if someone started suing fansites that the fansites would shut down. Not because of any lame legal threats but because they'd stop being fans pretty sharpish.

    Instead they keep going 'fanning' the guy suing them and continuing to promote him for free(?) in their own small way.

    Mind you maybe this bizarre behaviour is some form of homage to the bizarreness of the purple one's own self.

  9. b
    Thumb Down

    "prince" is a cock

    that's all there is to it.

    ...and his music sucks.

  10. Adrian Waterworth

    Not a problem...

    ...for PirateBay to stop indexing or linking to or having anything to do with Prince. In fact, I reckon everyone should do the same, thus starving the whinging, midget, purple tosser of as much publicity and as many channels to market as possible.

    He's a right little maladjusted arrogant copper nanotube if ever I saw one. Although if he stretches just that little bit further, he might be able to get his head all the way up his own bum - then we won't be able to hear anything he says anyway.

  11. Matthew

    Im looking foward to the latest addition to the 'legal' page on the pirate bay :)

    I have a good mind to download his crappy music just to piss him off...

    but no.. its not worth the bandwidth..

  12. Ian Ferguson

    Further entertaining browsing

    If anyone has half an hour to spare, a good sense of humour, and is definitely NOT at work I highly recommend browsing the entries this week's photoshopping challenge -

    I quote the challenge:

    "Midget pop mentalist Prince is threatening to sue his fans for breach of copyright for using his image on fansites. So fire up Photoshop and give the odious little twerp something to complain about."

  13. Chad H.

    Who's Dumber, the prince or his Sheriff.

    The Prince has an excuse for his ignorance of Piratebay's legal defense (flame the Sheriff, and his Deputy), The Sheriff doesnt.

  14. Dam

    Who's Prince ?

    Seriously, who is it ?

    Can't wait for the new web sheriff threat to TPB, gonna enjoy the read...

  15. Mostor Astrakan

    Prince Fans United?

    Shouldn't that be "The People Formerly Known As Prince Fans"?

    Or indeed, "The People Formerly Known as The Artist formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince But Now Once More As Prince Fans"?

  16. AutumnForester

    The PirateBay is not located on any US maps

    Good look with that!, MGM and FOX couldn't do it. If he is looking for another F*ck Wit projects, I have some magic beans for sale.

  17. Adrian Esdaile

    You made an error in your grammar.

    You referred to Prince's 'fan' in the plural form 'fans'. You only use the plural when there is more than one of anything.

    Yep, coat please.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    This would only matter...

    ...if his music was any good.

  19. Rob Stiles

    I understand the frustration...

    ... that must he must be suffering from since he even changed his name to a copyrighted symbol that can't be reproduced in any report / news article / fan site without Paisley Park's permission. LOL!

    Once again this is a misguided effort. Pirate Bay only index bitTorrents. Anyone with even a small bit of technical knowledge knows this. They're not distributing copyrighted materials.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Web Sheriff has sights on b3ta

    The past 7 days image challenge on b3ta has been just one word, Prince.

    We've all been enjoying poking fun at the pint sized purple pop pillock, until today, when a slew of images hosted on were removed, and several other sites hosting images posted on were contacted by Web Sheriff, demanding the offending material be removed - , ,

    So it's not fun anymore, it's down right hilarious because Web Sheriff have now painted a big target on their back, too.

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