back to article TV villain talks into wrong end of iPhone

We are (we think) much obliged today to eagle-eyed reader Seth Fogie who has spotted what is indisputably this week's big news event: some bloke in The Bionic Woman talking into the wrong end of Apple's paradigm-redefining iCon iPhone: Still from Bionic Woman showing agent misusing iPhone To be honest, we're not sure if that …


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  1. Darrell
    Paris Hilton

    Looks a bit like simon pegg!

    He may have the phone upside down, but with the iPhones appalling aerial it woudn't matter if it was the right way up as it would have dropped the call before he could say "Invisible woman? I can't see it myself"

    How long till we see Paris doing he same? (using the phone upside down not, unfortunately, disappearing)

  2. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Wrong again

    The phone was the right way up. It was just talking to the wrong end of the actor.




  3. James
    Jobs Halo

    Thats not an iphone!!!!

    Thats not an iphone, it has a small screen under the guys fingers and the buttons on the side are not the same as on the iphone.

    Unless its the new 3G version, or even better the iphone nano.......mmmmm.

  4. Geoff Spick


    surely iBerian????

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Screen glow?

    I thought, thanks wonderous "high technology", the iPhone screen turned off when next to the face?

  6. Geoff Johnson

    Accidental hangup

    Now I see how to avoid accidentally hanging up by touching the touchscreen with your cheek.

  7. Ian Ferguson
    Jobs Halo

    Re: Thats not an iphone!!!!

    Yes it is! The ports at the top... are at the bottom. How do I know? Because I have one sitting on my desk... feel free to mock.

  8. David Ritchie

    It's Callum Keith Rennie

    He played 'fake' Ray in Mountie based cop show 'Due South' and was a Cylon in the new BSG

    and my GF quite fancies him

  9. Andrew Bush

    Its a new slimline iBraun

    That's not an iPhone, he's beta-testing the latest slimline shaver on that stubbly chin and sideburns.

  10. Charles

    Fakey fake

    Yeah, I noticed the iPhone immediately, and was annoyed at the fakery. What really stood out was that the phone didn't blank the screen when he held it up to his ear. You can see it in the article accompanying this article, the phone is lighting up the guy's face. In actual use, the iPhone has a proximity sensor, so the screen blanks when you put it to your ear.

  11. Hedley Phillips


    i is bored of iPhone stories

  12. Anonymous Coward

    He obviously failed the screen test then.

    No further comment needed.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    @ Charles @ David Ritchie @ Ian Ferguson


  14. James R Curry

    At least he was SUPPOSED to be acting a role...

    ...and not reviewing the product.

    My memory is hazy, but I believe it was the Future Entertainment Show (rather than the ECTS) where myself and a large number of other punters stood in line for over two hours to try one of those "state of the art" virtual reality arcade games with the goofy headgear. If anyone even remembers these things, it was the game which took place in a large chessboard looking world with pteradactyls.

    So after this interminable delay, the infamous Andy Crane shows up with TV cameras in tow and is immediately rushed to the head of the line to record a piece of hype for "Bad Influence!".

    He puts the VR helmet on his head, grabs the joystick, and spins around on the spot for a minute or two, craning his neck like a prat and waxing lyrical about how incredible it is, and how it appears that he's actually there.

    Sixty seconds of fluff recorded, he removes the helmet and departs as quickly as he'd shown up.

    Of course, during his spiel about how lifelike it all seemed, the spectator screen off to his side had shown the onlookers exactly what he'd been looking at the entire time: A blinking "Game Over" message for the whole session.

    Now THERE'S objective journalism!

  15. scott

    It is an iPhone

    There is a proximity sensor that turns the display off. It is located by the speaker. For this shot, the producers wanted it to be obvious that the villain was using the phone, so they wanted the screen to be lit. The only way to do that was to turn the phone upside down so that the actor didn't activate the proximity sensor. My iPhone works great!

  16. Andrew Bush

    Its okay upside down in la-la land

    When acting , its okay to have the phone upside down because the actor is only pretending to be having a conversation via the phone. The phone is just a prop. At least the battery still had some juice, more than a couple of takes and it'd be flat.

  17. Martin Lyne

    Re: Future Entertainment Show

    I think I was at that FES ('92 or '94 maybe?), I went because they had fancy new consoles such as the Atari Jaguar (and it's bitmapped-monster Alien Vs. Predator)

    Eye glisteningly futuristic.

    As for the iBone, the sensor is presumably by the earpiece, which if held upside down and away from the chin would not recognise such proximity, thusly not disabling the display. Or perhaps disablable?

  18. James
    Paris Hilton

    Sorry, ya right.

    Sorry, I see it now, thought the bottom was actually the side.

    Shit, maybe Iv been using mine upside down all this time.

    I think some people here have hit the nail on the head, probably using it upside down so the screen glows and gives that nice shine on his face.

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