back to article Rival iPhone unlock teams hint at 1.1.2 success

Hackers have worked out how to unlock the latest iPhone firmware, 1.1.2, to allow handsets running it to operate on any GSM network. Yet confusion reigns - one popular unlocking app may have been updated 'unofficially'. Firmware 1.1.2 was released this past Friday, just ahead of the UK and German iPhone launches. New European …


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  1. Neil Hoskins

    Ahhh... but....

    Can it be turned into a light sabre?

  2. david


    Can upcoming French version be cloned? If so, no need to worry about re-lock by almighty Apple.

  3. Jim Evers
    Thumb Down

    anySim1.2u - bricked my iPhone

    I followed the Conceited Software Tutorial to upgrade my jailbroken/unlocked iphone to 1.1.2, and used their kit to jailbreak the updated unit. I then down loaded anySim1.2, and installed it via SSH (with permissions set at (755)). after a quarter progress bar the app hung, and the iPhone had to be restored to 1.1.1 (1.1.2 restore was not possible)

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