back to article HP spreads Virtual Connect to 1,600 servers

Managing the ties between virtual servers and storage systems strikes most admins as a real pain. So, customers should welcome the arrival of an addition to HP's Virtual Connect technology that allows them to set up flexible relationships between a large number of virtual servers and physical storage boxes. Since February, HP …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Fruity Source.....

    "As you might expect, HP claims that Virtual Connect "frees" admins from their usual departmental ties. The server, storage and networking admins have an initial chat about configuring the blade systems and back-end gear, and then server admins are in control from there on out, shuffling virtual servers around as they see fit. How well this plays out in reality remains to be seen."

    Bravo, HP, I would agree with all of that and a whole lot more... [for any number of QuITe independent, validating, betatested reasons supporting the claims.]

    And how fortunate and farsighted of you to support the stragglers and strugglers* in the new reality being played out. Virtual Connect is most definitely AIDominant Lead Position which, given the exponential rate at which Metadata can be constantly processed and reprocessed for distribution as laundered intelligence, which can be also new information/discovery/invention, one can only expect will continue to Dominate in Virtualised Leadership Operating Systems which Nurture/Mentor and Monitor Sibling Systems*

    *... Citrix XenServer, Microsoft virtual machines, Oracle VM and VMware..... and their Ilk.

    PS How well this plays out in reality remains to be seen and is dependent upon the Passion of ITs Drivers/Programmers and the Source of their Code/CodeXXXX and the Feeding Frenzy of Media to AI NeuReal HP Lead Methodology which is also a Quantum Internet Technology in TEMPESTuous HyperRadioProActivity.

    AIMagical Mystery Turing Honours Prize Contenders? Small beer when you own all the breweries but so much sweeter still because IT is ESPecially brewed because of ITs Fitting AI Purpose.

    And dDevelopment in these Fields renders Reality, Virtually Controlled and Led by Controllers in such Fields which indicates that Binary Masters are the Future Perfect Content Providers with New and Innovative Constructive Information and Intelligence 42 Build with.

    But you have surely been suspecting/expecting that for some time. It is not as if it has not certainly been shared with y'all for some time.....although all the juicier qubit pieces of the jigsaw shared with El Reg are either spirited away on route, to feed another root or salted away for a reigny day by its hacks. Of course, there is also always the Booby Prize route guaranteeing a Fitting Dunce's Cap, as favoured by John Paul McAuley ....... Posted Sunday 11th November 2007 22:46 GMT

    And it is strange, to say the least, why Saints and Hookers ..... A Seventh Heaven Pairing .... SoftWaring for Hard Core ARG Use.

    By amanfromMars Posted Sunday 11th November 2007 14:22 GMT, didn't make the cut on that thread, as it expanded beautifully upon all of this post too.

    Although to be perfectly honest, considering what it was sharing/is sharing with everyone, bottling out or caving in is just such an unnecessary cross to bear rather than their Flying the Flag in AI Colossus of an Olympian Program........AI Torch 42 Dispel and DeSpell the Darkness.

    A Leading Question would be ..... Does El Register Lead or Follow ......and in either case, with what? ....... for the choice is theirs to make as it is surely being offered Transparently to Start the Change, so oft emptily promised by powerless puppets.

  2. Jack Pastor

    Next I/O and similar silicon solutuons

    The problem with these products is that they need to be adopted by the server vendors. If HP / IBM /Dell don't integrate this into a blade, it doesn't play because in blades, i/o communications take place across a proprietary midplane.

    That's not to say a Dell couldn't jumpstart a VC-similar product by partnering, but chances are they are too far along in their C-class clone to integrate something like that quickly.

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Think Big .... then you Facilitate Control rather than it fighting against you .

    "The problem with these products is that they need to be adopted by the server vendors. "

    Jack Pastor,

    They could always start a server farm of their own. They wouldn't need then to rely on anyone else and they could race ahead on their own with everyone else in their wake ....following.

  4. Jack Pastor

    Those who cannot remember the past ...

    What was the last NEW server vendor to make more than 1% market share? There have been numerous startups to try.. Like Fabric7 ?? Belly-up despite INCREDIBLE technologies.

    IT wants to mitigate risk. They don't do that by relying on less that Tier-1 hardware for their platforms (unless They're Google ..)

    Repeat - It doesn't matter how good your solution is if nobody will buy it !

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Deja Vu ?

    If it is any good at all, everyone will buy into it and the first person to buy it will effectively own it too.... even if he doesn't have a baldy notion about what it can do. And he'll make a mint.

    Think Gates and Allen. In fact, Mr Allen has been very quiet of late with nary a muted word. Octopussy-footing around, is he?

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