back to article Airbus scores whopping £16.7bn Emirates deal

Airbus yesterday used Dubai’s annual air show to announce a whopping £16.7bn deal with Emirates to supply 70 A350s and 11 A380s - described by the Times as "the largest-ever single-aircraft order". The deal is a serious blow to Boeing, which inked a paltry $6.1bn deal with Qatar Airways for 30 787 Dreamliners and five 777 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    That's a lot of planes!

    (Useless post but i am quite gob smacked by that big a fleet)

  2. Joe Stalin

    Buy sooner rather than later

    Yup, buy 'em now. By the time you get your money back on them the oil will start to run out.

    And yes that is a lot of aeroplanes, they probibly have more than two thirds of the world Air Forces.

  3. dodge

    That's because it's a profitable, well run company

    Run so much better than those airlines of them furrin' asians or them olde westerners and stuff who just can't seem to crack it and show off by spending untold billions on planes. No, Emirates is not more profitable because it is covertly state-funded in a million subtle ways, allowing it to spread and pour capex into infrastructure back when all other competitors were in retreat because of SARS, etc.

    Aren't you glad that your petrol expenditure is helping to finance Airbus?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    single aircraft order?

    to supply 70 A350s and 11 A380s - described by the Times as "the largest-ever single-aircraft order".

    I was under the impression that 81 aircraft were ordered?!

  5. lglethal Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    A350 vs 787!

    I really cant understand Emirates thinking here!

    The order for A380's is fair enough, they want that extra capacity that only the A380 can provide. Fair enough. But ordering A350's over 787's and saying its because Boeing wont be delivering until Nov 2008? The A350 doesn't even have a specific release date yet! Its still very much in the design phase, Which means its at least 3 years away from flying and 4 years from getting to an airline! So there statement does not make any sense...

    Congrats on Airbus for getting the order but i wonder who's back they scratched to get the order through...

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    re: A350 vs 787!

    Don't forget there are hundreds of 787's that need building before any new orders get a production date. I think that worked out about 4 years before the current delay was announced so they may well get the A350's before they could have got the 787's.

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