back to article Battery firm: iPhone could melt your brain

Exradia has launched a range of replacement batteries for popular models of mobile phones which incorporate its special magic circuit to interfere with the bad RF coming from your handset, but iPhone users, with their non-replaceable battery, will just have to suffer. According to the release Exradia are "...surprised Apple …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it seems unlikely any judge is going to accept such reasoning should a case come to trial.

    Urrm, wana bet? All you need is enough Mums crying about how there kids got cancer of the ear, and they may win. Judges are sometimes compitant, but also sometimes total ludites who dont listen to technical experts. Especaly in the US.

  2. whitespacephil

    Snake Oil indeed

    Well if you're really that worried about your brain melting, you should probably be worried about other stuff too.

    Why not buy lots; preferably really big ones, and make yourself an igloo-like brain-melting, radiation-free zone.

    Or just worry about something else. Believe it or not, but there is one certainty in life.

  3. Brian D. Switzer
    Thumb Up

    love the URL

    hehehe... The URL for this story is apt. Kudos.

  4. Anonymous John


    Then there is no scientific evidence that these special batteries are safe either. Which won't stop copper nanotubes from buying them.

  5. Martin Owens

    Tin foil hat?

    I thought that is what tin foil hats were for, blocking out the CIA radio waves; but could work for phones, even iPhones.

  6. David

    I propose a ban on the phrase "snake oil"

    seeing as it has turned out that snake oil actually works...

  7. Nicholas Moore

    Re: I propose a ban on the phrase "snake oil"

    Whilst Chinese snake oil may have worked, due to it's high content of "EPA", it is widely believed that the variants that were sold in America during the 1900's didn't contain the same EPA, and therefore were "Snake Oil".

  8. Chris Fryer


    The Department of Trade and Industry reports 11,111 accidents involving telephones in 2002, the most recent year for which figures are available. 1,415 accidents were caused by batteries that same year. This contrasts with 2,829 accidents involving ironing boards, 513 involving biscuits and a mere 103 where a pillow case was implicated. Only 21 were hurt by a "zoo or circus animal".

    Still, using the telephone seems safer than tangling with vegetables, which claimed 15,437 victims that year alone.

  9. anthony bingham

    the brain drain that gives you "frequency"

    Crossing legs or eyes and even fingers is a great and inexpensive way to ...hope for the best ... while convincing friends and relatives of early onset cerebral meltdown probably caused by the ol' phone thingy ... the answer ,before it is too late ; "get chipped" and just like next doors dog, listen to classic FM on your collar clip and be reassured of a trip home if you get lost and cannot remember your name , service provider or just pissed your pants ! .

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