back to article Lily Allen gets 'social networking' TV show

In news that makes us want to sob gently, some bright spark over at yoof TV channel BBC Three has decided to give faux-reggae pop strumpet Lily Allen a load of cash and her own TV show. Based on social networking. According to The Times, the groundbreaking broadcast will "pay homage" to MySpace and Facebook. "Viewers will be …


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  1. Chris

    oh dear god...

    surely we can bring about the apocalypse in a quicker and less painfull way than this..?

    and for some reason we all still pay licence fees so the beeb can produce shoddy crap like this, effectively taking money away from programmes like top gear, which means that they can't blow up more caravans and drive cars around that nobody can afford...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    "She's one of the hottest acts around and an important voice of her generation."

    Which explains a lot about how vacuous 'her generation' can be.

  3. Kane


    ...she's one of the hottest acts around and an important voice of her generation?

    Receiving message loud and clear Aunty......

    Time for the tin-foil hat reinforcements...

  4. Neil

    Are the Chuckle Brothers running the BBC?

    They downgrade the important & interesting departments, then go & waste God-knows how much money on this dross.

  5. Alex

    Andy warhol said

    everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, if only he'd done something useful like warn us about the likes of the Allen family!!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So the bbc are cutting current affairs and airing shows like this bollocks? Disgrace.

  7. Tawakalna
    Paris Hilton

    and she is....

    ..who exactly? has she ever released anything on 78? no wonder I've never heard of her.

    is she the one who did that hippy punk-rocker song that was never off the radio last year? not that i listen to popular music radio, I'm dyed-in-the-wool R3/R4, but if I was in a room that had Radio rubbish on or the kids had been fiddling with me ar radio, then that silly hippy punk-rock song would come on. I'm sure that as her.

    Or is she that Amy Winelodge person? oh they're all the same to me, it's all the pops isn't it?

    I like that Paris Hilton the best, funny how she's named after the hotels, isn't it?

  8. MrT
    Dead Vulture

    And they want to pull BBC4...?

    Talk of ditching an entire channel, but throw the moolah at something that sounds like a cross between Charlotte Church's fiasco and any local commercial radio drive-time show.

    It'll probably be repeated several times a week too, just in case we managed to find something worthwhile on the dwindling number of other channels the first time it was on, or (more likely) the stuff we watched instead the first time is also being repeated again at all the other times this is on. 'Dave', anyone?

    It's enough to make you just switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead... like do the dishes or cut the grass, or just stand in a field for an hour.

  9. Tim Lane

    reserving judgement

    I have seen Lilly Allen in interviews, she comes across as quite intellegent and switched on, she is not a of the ilk of Jade Goody or Charlotte Church (Now that was a rubbish program). So I will be reserving judgement until I have seen it. Yes, the concept sounds like it will probably be gahstly but there are alreay many many things that are far worse.

  10. Noctule


    SO glad that my licence fee is paying for this kind of top end entertainment...

    Still, got to keep the chavs happy,innit?

  11. JasonW

    "Are the Chuckle Brothers running the BBC?"

    No - they're in Nos. 10 & 11 Downing Street

  12. Ben W
    IT Angle

    blooming 'ell (<<<<<moderated)

    they should make TV screens out of cork so you can throw darts at it!

  13. Gav
    Paris Hilton

    Do they know?

    "important voice of her generation."

    Has someone told her generation they apparently have so little to say?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Petulant star in..

    ...ritual humiliation show format shocker.

    I blame the parents, of people whose families required the TV as aural wallpaper. For me, TV is a "thing you do", so I'd turn it on to watch what I want and then turn it in (if I haven't been hypnotised). The better half requires "audio wallpaper" even when she's playing WoW.

  15. Hugh Cowan
    Thumb Up

    @Are the Chuckle Brothers running the BBC?

    And what is wrong with the the Chuckle Brothers? They're gods! I'm sure they would run the BBC much better. 'To me, to you......'

  16. Dan

    RE: Are the Chuckle Brothers running the BBC?

    I wish they were, it would be a lot more interesting!

    To you.....

  17. Stratman

    "Hottest act?"

    A can of petrol and a box of matches would make her usefully hotter.

    If only she changed her name to Swindon Travelodge she'd be up there with the best of 'em.

  18. Paul Donnelly

    Lily Allen is....

    .... sort of from my generation, I'm shamed to say, being that I'm only mid twenties.

    All I can say after reading all of the comments and the article above is.....

    ...... I'll get my coat!

  19. Alistair

    Amy Winelodge to present "Horizon"

    Yes they are bringing back the flagship science program but moving it from BBC4 to BBC3 (not cultural, see?). With the biro-decorated chanteuse presenting.

    For god's sake somebody press the big red button before its too late!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Oh for the love of all that's good and holy...

    " of the hottest acts around"

    The monotonic "singer" is only famous because of her father who admittedly is a reasonable actor. If this is the hottest act around, God help the entertainment industry.

    It was bad enough that Ant and Dec (or is it Dec and Ant) ruled the Saturday evening airways but the whiny "important voice of her generation" will be unbearable.

  21. Spleen

    Stupid, stupid concept

    Lily Allen is good value on TV and normally I'd be cautiously optimistic about her being given a show - cautiously because it's a lot harder to carry six or more episodes on your own rather than being on the wings for thirty minutes in Never Mind The Buzzcocks, but optimistic because she might pull it off. If professional "comedians" like Peter Serafinowicz and Ronni Ancona can produce stinking s**tbuckets of shows, no reason why a singer couldn't make a good one.

    Unfortunately, she's been stuck with a format that is a complete loser. I simply cannot see how you can get a good show out of a free advert for Facebook - if they were taking the piss out of it it would have potential, but "homage" no. For once the "wah wah wah what about my licence fee oh that's right i don't pay it because I bittorrent all my episodes of Top Gear" crowd are right.

    Mind you, when was the last time BBC3 had a good show that wasn't just a warm-up for a run on the real channels.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Moaning about the license fee?

    Bitching about how stupid everyone/thing is?

    Still got a TV yourself?

    Irony - not being able to do anything but stare at the idiot box (and bitch about it).

  23. Alistair


    BBC3 had an excellent animation series called Monkley Dust but you had to be an early Freeview adopter to watch it. Never been seen since.

  24. Chris
    Thumb Up


    Bloody hell, someone else saw Monkey Dust too!

  25. SJ Emmons
    Thumb Up

    @ Chris

    Me three!

    Long live the Paedo-finder General!

  26. Alan Doherty

    Monkey Dust!!!!

    best show ever

    best excuse for bittorrent/ed2k ever

    needless to say i have em all on dvd now

  27. Anonymous Coward

    I heart Monkey Dust

    Monkey Dust is still being shown here in Australia - it's one of the rare moments of quality that graces our screens (along with all the other Pommie comedy imports). If it wasn't for those it wouldn't be worth owning a TV here.

    Q. What's the difference between Australia and a petri dish?

    A. You are far more likely to see a culture develop in a petri dish.

  28. Ian Ferguson



    That's all the meaningful input I have to this.

    Re. to MahatmaCoat - don't be too hard on Australia, I am a huge fan of The Chaser, possibly your best export of recent times, apart from cheap wine :-)

  29. W

    Monkey Dust

    Yup, spiffing programme.

    "Are we in Laaahndan yet?"

    "Have you seen my shoe tree?"

    And Re: decent BBC3 progs - I found The Smoking Room to be pretty funny. And I like the Mighty Boosh* too. Shame about the endless repeats of Two Pints and the 'Enders repeats on when there's nowt else on any other channel.

    *Anyone who complains about the Boosh but has fond memories of Vic Reeves' Big Night Out is an ageing curmudgeon.

  30. Steven Burn

    Whats next .....

    .... Britney Spears presenting Top Gear?

    Don't we already have enough crap on TV?

  31. ruffage

    back to Lily Allen...

    ..I still would though.

  32. Spleen


    Sorry, that was one of the ones I was specifically thinking of. Monkey Dust was definitely shown on one of the main channels at one point, although perhaps not all (three?) series.

    And yes it is genius, and I'm glad at least five other people saw it :-)

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