back to article AMD datacenters more loyal but rare

Intel chips may power the majority of data center boxes, but the brand doesn't warm the cockles of hearts like it does for the AMD-loyal, according to a recent poll by Gabriel Consulting Group. The firm polled 297 IT managers, architects and admins from the end of 1Q07 through 2Q07. Among the data center queries were some to …


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  1. Ben winnipeg

    amd vs intel

    i would like to see a survey about how many of the amd die hards run linux and are die hard linux fans, I work in an intel only shop and all the die hard amd fans are die hard linux fans

    just curios?????

  2. Alan Donaly
    Thumb Up


    I hear what your saying,

    it's kind of funny though because I felt confident of using Intel only cpus motherboards etc because I knew unlike what some people say Intel goes to great lengths to support Linux. I don't know about AMD but Intel and Linux are good friends. In the past though a lot of AMD supporters were also Linux users shit changes. To tell the truth if it works and it's a better value I am a whore.

  3. Juan
    Jobs Halo

    If you want loyalty, get a dog

    My datacentre (which is a lab) have just over 300 machines in and is split roughly in half regarding AMD and Intel processors. 20 machines are production machines and the rest are test servers which includes 3 Itaniums, all used for repros, workshops, stress and load testing as well as PoC's. I have found that my AMD boxes tend to be a bit more reliable compared to the Intel ones in that they fall over less. The main OS used is Server 2003 and recently Server 2008 RC0. Nowadays people are not too concerned with the make of processor seeing as that has reached it's peak in terms of speed (for the time being) but rather want memory - lots of it; 4, 8, 16 and 32GB is now the new flavour of the month.

    In the end if I have to be asked to choose which processor I want and have to choose between AMD and Intel processors of similar or same specifications, I will buy the one that has a cheaper price tag.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Black Sheep and Rotten Apples/Bitter Fruits.

    "In the end if I have to be asked to choose which processor I want and have to choose between AMD and Intel processors of similar or same specifications, I will buy the one that has a cheaper price tag."

    Which means that the only differentiate between them is price as both companies provide similar products.

    Perhaps they are the Really only one company playing as two for competitive rules and monopoly interest stakes. After all that is how companies reinvent themselves and their ubiquitous stock, with a coat of new paint and a new name to cover over the cracks/highlight the good points.... and especially so in businesses which deal in matters of control thinking...Active Directory.

    As a Monopoly company all worth would then be a Global worth to be shared out, as it has an ever expanding Captive Global market, rather than thought to be a Private Gain for subjective Distribution of Reward. That then would suggest that such reward is Hush Money paid to Co-Conspirators....from the Slush Fund that is the Deposit Banking System rather than ITs Creative Investment Arms.

    The Yin and Yang/Light and Dark Sides of Money. One Servering Good and the Other promoting its Evil, live.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    You buy what your reseller punts

    Don't give me this tripe - whatever your HP or IBM reseller thinks they can sell you today that is likely to give them the edge over Dell is what you buy.

    And as for amanfromMars - will you always buy cheapest? I assume your data centre is full of supermicro and other tier 2 X86 servers as IBM/HP/Dell tier #1 is too expensive for your tastes.

    If you're really going to go shopping for servers, take a look at the IBM/Dell/HP offerings and obtain directional advice from them on what your application will require, based on your unique needs. If they cannot provide a consultant to give you directional advice, go elsewhere. Once you've obtained that input, then purchase the product that has the best service/support AND price.

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