back to article Christmas Doctor Who exhibition at UK Space Centre

The Tardis is set to land at the National Space Centre in Leicester next week for a Doctor Who exhibition that will run from November 13 to January 6. The Tardis: Oooo-eee-ooooo © BBC 1963, Courtesy of BBC Worldwide Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see characters and props from the series, including the truly …


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  1. John A Blackley

    In November?

    Bah! I won't be able to make it over there in November!

    Don't get me wrong - while I enjoy looking at Billie Piper's (or whoever the current Who tottie is) bits - it's just a tv program. The reason I want to go to the exhibition is to spot the "Linux is God", "Apple makes you a retard", "America is the antichrist" social giants who populate these hallowed pages.

    /flame off

  2. Tawakalna

    but which Master?

    Roger Delgado or Anthony Ainley? the child who jumped up and down as if he had ADHD in the recent mockery of Dr Who surely can't be counted as a *proper* portrayal of the Master? I'd rather have Eric Roberts, even if he is an effin' Yank!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Get yer DW facts right

    They were WEEPING angels and the line was "Don't blink".

    Hacks!!! ;-)

  4. Jaap Stoel

    Angels don't scream

    I know its friday but I believe that they are called "weeping angels" Not screaming angels.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Its OK

    Saw it in Manchester. Just a few props if that excites you. I'd be annoyed if I was the dad who couldn't get his three kids through the door once they saw the dalek.

    Sadly, there is no replica Sally Sparrow :(

  6. Gareth Morgan

    Bigger show

    Go to the permanent exhibition in Cardiff, It has buttons to press!

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