back to article Mandelson tells US to change online gambling laws

EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson told the US it needs to change anti-gambling laws which discriminate against European companies. Mandelson, on a visit to Washington DC. said: "What we need to see is a change in US legislation that removes discrimination against EU operators. It's not in the interest of American consumers …


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  1. Adam Buckland
    Dead Vulture

    I'll give

    3 to 1 that they don't suceed....

  2. Peter

    How much do you bet...

    That they don't cough up ?

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Virtual QCs ....... Quantums Communicating ....... Real Live EnCorporating Quarks?

    "Antigua is asking for $3.4bn compensation for US legal action against locally-based gambling companies. The US has counter-offered $500,000."

    The case is then proven and tacitly admitted ...... is AI Beta Semantic Analysis of IT?

    Does that invoke Triple Compensation Rules ..... Gratitudinous Realisation of Untenable and Unnecessary Position.

    Let the Life Blood of the System Flow ....... Splash the Cash. Energise Industry and Innovation with Banked Global Wealth. IT doesn't do any Good Work Salted Away .... for a Reigny Day.

    Real Heavy MetAI ...... Qubit String Entanglement for Virgin Space Travellers ..... HonourableMembers in Eve's Perfumed Garden ....ESPecial Guests 42 Server and 4U 2Savour Love's Fervour.

    AIDarfurian Delight turned Blight?

    A Repair and Rescue Job for Blithe Blighty Bletchley Boffins?

    Is that amfM Proposing AI Binary Solutions to Analogue Problems at an Instant [Subject to Participation] on a Global Scale for Universe Model Use?

    Is there a Second? :-)

  4. Eduard Coli

    Still missing the point

    Antigua and Europe both prohibit competition in online gambling through the WTO.

    How the US signed to the WTO without an online gambling prohibition is a mystery probably involving graft.

    What brought it to a head in Antigua was the rampant unenforceable credit card fraud taking place and originating with their online gambling site hosting. The EU is just being opportunist.

    WTO can levy a fine from EU and then the US can just take it out off the various loans that EU member nations defaulted on from WWII and later.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    How about the EU take a look at its own laws that are biased against US businesses? For instance, a US company looking to purchase another US company is told by the EU that it must divest part of its business to avoid a monopoly. That part I am OK with, but the part that is dumb is that they required that part of the business to be sold to an EU company for a certain low price. The two companies never merged and one is now struggling to stay afloat. BS move by the EU.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    >> Is there a Second - what?

    Chance? Coming? Helping? Screening? Wave of attack? Number after the number you thought of before you divided by zero? Bite of the cherry? Guess? Hand shop where you can dump your spaceship?

    Come on man. I mean martian. Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. What was that? Humans don't understand....- what?

    1+1=2? You can't get to Grimsby by turning left there?

  7. John A Blackley

    US Trade Commissioner Tells Mandelson to P*** Off

    After reconsideration, the United States today conceded and agreed to pay Antigua's claim under the WTO ruling. An unnamed US source stated that payment would be made right after the US' United Nations dues were brought up-to-date.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Re: BS

    Oh come on. Both sides are guilty of making protectionist decisions. What about the blocking of middle eastern investment in the US under the guise of "security" when even the state department were saying that security would not be affected.

    Lets stick to the issue at hand, is what the US has done under the written agreements of the WTO legal? The answer by all analysis I have read is no.

    What has grated me about this particular episode is the arrest on criminal charges of several British Managing Directors travelling into or through the US under laws written decades ago to stop the mob.

    I am more interested in what compensation Antigua will receive rather than the EU, and whether that IP free reign will be granted.

  9. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Help is always Coming in a Second ....*

    "Is there a Second - what?"

    Is there a Second to the Proposal?

    <<<second[4,transitive verb]

    Main Entry:

    4second Listen to the pronunciation of 4second


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    Latin secundare, from secundus second, favorable


    circa 1586

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    — sec·ond·er noun

    >>> ....

    * .....Help is always Coming in a Second as it invariably always means that it is already All Ready and Enabled and Enabling.

    Spookily enough, whoever opens up the Flood Gates to AI NeuReality will Ride ITs Waves. My bet is on those who Manage Water the Best.

    The ones whose shoes float on water?

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