back to article BlackBerry boss blows raspberries at iPhone

The iPhone? Undoubtedly a very nice product, but there is no virtual substitute for a real keyboard, reckons RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis: "Try typing a web key on a touch screen on an iPhone, that's a real challenge. You cannot see what you type." Lazaridis told European reporters in Waterloo, Canada last week, that he isn't too …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Laying it on a little thick? reg-style critique, or witty retorts? No 'buts', 'howevers' or 'althoughs'?

    Pure, unhindered marketing drizzle...yawn.

  2. Bill Coleman


    This is basically a blackberry promo with "iPhone" thrown in for attention grabbing. where's the news? Sad.

  3. Bad Beaver
    Dead Vulture


    This piece is full of truth. Look at it. I am not getting a Blackberry, even though the Pearl is kind of nice (no WiFi though, what a joke), as it pales next to the iPhone. Now the iPhone lacks a number of critical features (not really about the keyboard though, but talk about Apple providing decent sync with their own darn product), and there is no real choice when it comes to carriers and contracts. Nokia and SE dropped the ball long ago, I will not spend money on their depressing, molasses-oozing, crash-happy abominations from cell-hell. Also, I'm not into BDSM, so Winmobile is out too.

    Ergo, I am not getting anything.

    Maybe some cheapish Moto and just tell people to shove it, I'll look at their pathetic E-Mail once I'm back at my desk.

    Otherwise, the comments are correct, this article lacks a pinch of El Reg.

  4. jon fisher


    Pearl2 does have wifi. or gps. but not both together.

  5. Bad Beaver

    That is the Pearl 2...

    ...that is yet to come out, right?

  6. Peter Richard

    Real Keyboard

    Funny the Blackberry has no valid claim to having a "real" keyboard. So the whole argument presented by Mr Blackberry is fatuous.

  7. Nile Heffernan

    A walk on the Wilde side

    Yes, I think that this is a regurgitated press release, not a researched article with authoritative (or at least, amusing) comment.

    Stephen Fry's Blog (See Spot, Google. Find it for yourselves) has a very thorough comparison of the current crop of 'Smartphones', iPhones and BlackBerries included. I disagree with some of his conclusions but the article maintains an exemplarary separation between the descriptive text and factual information, and the expressed opinions of the author.

    It is, of course, withering in its criticisms; if it wasn't so wordy, it would almost be El Reg at his best - but where would you look for such a thing nowadays?

  8. Matt Ruggles

    Shame the blackberry sucks too

    Blackberries look dated, crash, are very slow, have huge icons, cost a fortune to run and are mainly used by suits to look good on the train reading the joke email sent around the office that day. Oh and full keyboard ?!? cough.. blackberry pearl .. cough

    Nokia pwns BB and iphone.

  9. Bad Beaver
    Thumb Up

    Thank you, Nile

    for once again, I feel that I am not alone. Only that I do not perceive the N95 as "beautiful".

    “Please Steve Jobs. Eat us for breakfast. Make us look slow-witted, clumsy, unimaginative, grey and idiotic. Help yourself to the entire market that isn’t Blackberry, we don’t want it. We’d rather make toys for children and knock-off Macbooks for credulous adults. And somebody might buy the P1i if they want a slow, joyless experience. You never know. And anyway Apple cheat by having better products, which is unfair. We were once Sony. Goodbye cruel world.”

    Stephen Fry's Text is here:



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