back to article Is Sprint getting cold feet about Pivot and Xohm?

Sprint Nextel announced another disastrous quarter, its problems only highlighted by the strength of Verizon and AT&T, and appears to be in danger of sacrificing its only routes out of its "also-ran" rut, as a peace offering to understandably angry but short termist investors. The carrier is pulling back on Pivot, the …


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  1. Andy Barber

    Sounds like Bulldog

    Bulldog in the UK offerered the fastest ADSL in the UK with a 'freephone calls' package. It took them six months for them to Import my number & this was only after an officall complaint to the telecom regulator, Ofcom.

    Where are Buldog now then? First taken over by Pipex, who were the taken over by Tiscali.

    I'm now back with BT. OK my ADSL is 0.1Mb slower but at least I have a reliable provider but my monthly bill is only just £8.00 lower until 08/08, when my 'contract' can change.

  2. b shubin


    as a former Sprint customer (never again), i would say that the only thing worse than Sprint wireless service was Sprint customer service.

    that was almost 10 years ago, and the stories of angry Sprint customers have been pretty much the same since.

    if Sprint-Nextel hasn't straightened this out by now, it is not likely to get fixed in the future. time to shoot Old Yeller and let the vultures eat the carcass.

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