back to article Start-up rolls out meaty desktop cluster

Scalable Servers Corp. has removed its cloak of stealthiness to reveal a company focused on taking care of engineers, workgroups and SMBs with tabletop clusters. Tabletop cluster? Yes, that's right. These little beasts of GHz goodness have started to become all the rage. Orion Multisystems pioneered the idea of giving an …


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  1. Paul


    I dont know If I can use one, I realy dont need one, but I want my boss to buy me one NOW! Imagin having one of those beside your desk, if only to anoy everyone in the office who thinks there laptop is the mutts.

    The only failing I can see is that academics acroos the world will be the first to have them, sat in there offices. As anyone who has been in a computing or engineering dept at ani Uni will tell you, this is not exactly a clutter free space. I bet we see a few frying themself's because they have no ventalation under two feet of paper and books that will be stacked on them.

  2. Sean M
    Thumb Up

    Could generate a lot of heat

    From the website, the maximum amount of power coming from them is 3600 watts. Not including the monitor.

    Hey, you fry (or grill) your breakfast on it too!

  3. Robert Moore

    A worthy Vista machine

    Finally a machine that can run Vista at a decent speed.

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