back to article Intel does small storage box with EMC

Intel is making a second charge at home and small-business storage with a new box for distributors, resellers and channel partners to re-brand. The prosaically named Intel Entry Storage System SS4200x ships as either a hardware-only unit or in coderific mode with Linux-based server software from EMC. Either way, it's going to …


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  1. Glenn Crawford

    "Retrospect ... system supports both Windows and Mac clients."

    It should be noted that EMC Retrospect does *NOT* support Vista-64 as yet and there's no word on when it will be supported.

  2. Pete

    Are there more than 3 people

    using vista64? - can they run more than calc.exe?

  3. Edwin
    Jobs Horns

    Hi Pete - here's 1

    I've been running x64 for about six months now - works great! And before I get flamed for being a Gates fanboy, I run Fedora alongside...

    One of the reasons I picked x64 is because it's really picky - and I have yet to see a bluescreen, so something is working right.

    What I am wondering about is where the newsworthiness of this briefcase is - there are half a dozen similar appliances on the market that do the same, although $500 is not a bad price, even if it's 'empty'


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pete - here's the 2nd

    I've got Vista Ultimate 64bit, it runs a treat, I've had it for about five months or so. While it is certainly not as fast as XP Pro, I've not had the problems that have been reported, such as slow copies etc. I also haven't come across much that it won't run, a copy of Lotus Notes from 1997 doesn't run since its first load (so it's my problem rather than Vista's) and 3D Studio MAX v3.? won't install. Other than that it's fine. I run VMWare workstation for Linux, Solaris and a couple of W2K? servers and soon my legacy DOS/NT progs.

    The main problem I had with Vista so far is working out how to get rid of that nasty green&grey swirl from the background of the login screen. (Why would you put it in a resource file?!)

    As for EMC being snubbed by Dell: I am reliably informed, by a couple of ex-Dell engineers who I work with, that the only reason that Dell went to EMC in the first place was because their disk systems were shite beyond all belief and they couldn't make them better... Good luck for everyone who buys one of these then! I'm certainly not getting one.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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