back to article 17 charged over multi-million card fraud racket

A group of 17 people has been indicted in New York for alleged involvement in a credit card counterfeiting and an ID theft racket that raked in millions. The defendants allegedly trafficked more than 95,000 stolen credit card numbers and caused banks losses estimated at $4m, the 173-count indictment alleges, Reuters reports. …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge


    DISAPPOINTED?? They should be bloody outraged!

    These vile, parasitic scum are doing their best to completely f*** up electronic commerce for the rest of us. OK, the banks lost 4m in Monopoly money, ho hum, what about the 95,000 poor bastards trying to rebuild their lives and credit references?

    Then they get a sentance more in line with nicking a clapped out Ford Escort. Being simmered in Yak turds and pelted with coal for the next 50 years is too bloody good for them.

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