back to article Sony goes green with... er... leopard skin look laptop

Apple may have completely left the planet with its nebulous, spaced-out Leopard branding, but thankfully folk who favour the fake feline look can still rely on Sony, which today rolled out a leopard-skin print laptop - the special edition 'Spotted Life' Vaio FZ. The machine is part of what the Japanese giant calls its "Graphic …


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  1. Karl Lattimer
    Jobs Halo

    Oh well...

    says one sony exec to another... "If we can't run their brilliant new operating system, lets put a leopard skin print on our laptops too... that way when someone says leopard they'll immediately think sony"

    I think the words in the board room that day were.

  2. Matt Brigden

    That Peta-Byte crack

    Well its a bit wuff innit :p

  3. PunkTiger

    How graphic!

    Speaking as a furry, I wouldn't mind having a laptop with graphics like "Spotted Life" (although I would rather prefer tiger stripes, of course). Still, much like Dell's offerings of multi-coloured notebooks, anything that deviates from the realm of black-grey-white laptops is a nice thing to see.

  4. J
    Paris Hilton


    Man, those things are ugly... The alleged leopard print does not really look realistic to me. The Caribbean whatever is the less bad, methinks -- but I wouldn't get one, thanks. Anyway, hard to see who would carry one of those leopards around -- the people I could visualize doing that are not usually seen with laptops...

    Thinking again, it might be a good theft deterrent, who knows...

  5. Lol Whibley


    Zepto do something similar as a feature a couple of years ago?

    You could even send them graphics of choice and they'd put it on the laptop for you - for a fee and a small Op' for thr Style gland removal for the user.

    i notice they aren't offering on their site it recently...

    seen the light methinks..

This topic is closed for new posts.

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