back to article AMD cancels party as act of analyst preservation

From the gossip files: We've learned that AMD has canceled an analyst extravaganza meant to be held next week in Silicon Valley. Is it odd for a company to cancel an event of this type at the last minute? You bet it is. AMD has already forked out on plane tickets and hotels for the analyst horde. In addition, Intel plans to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    the cake is a lie

    AMD must have cancelled because they were out of cake.


  2. Bince
    Thumb Down

    Hey Anonymous, You Are On To Something...

    Yeah, they should have thrown that stale, 3 year old cake out instead of trying to serve it out to everyone- LMAO! AMD had a representative speak at my company a year or two back to thanks us for supporting them. AND GUESS WHAT? The presenter served us a some stale ass cake!!! Hey thanks for nothing, but half the people in attendance threw the cake away!

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