back to article Microsoft de-betas (part of) Windows Live

Microsoft has officially announced "the next generation of Windows Live." Whatever that means. We think it means that Microsoft has removed the beta tag from a group of Redmond-built tools you may or may not be interested in using. This includes a suite of free applications you can install on your Windows PC, including …


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  1. LaeMi Qian

    It's alive!!!

    Live, and (since it is a new generation) BREEDING!!!!

    AGHHHHhhhhh!!!!. RUN!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Quick shoot it

    Where'd I put my 12 gauge?


  3. Mark Broadhurst
    Dead Vulture


    does this mean I get to uninstall all of this useless rubish all over again ?

  4. adnim

    All your data....

    belongs to us. We can profile you, catalogue you, sell your information to our "partners" and target our spam/ads at you. you will buy, you will consume, you will comply to our T&C. All your data belongs to us.

    micro$oft may describe it's users as users, customers, individuals even people.

    But the truth of the matter is that all these customers/users are to micro$oft, just commodities.

    Decommodify yourself now, m$ should be one of the last corporations to be trusted.

  5. RW


    "All your data belongs to us."

    ITYM "All your data are belong to us."

    "customers are commodities"

    ITYM "cattle".


  6. adnim


    "All your data are belong to us."

    yes OK you can read it that way, It's just that I'm old, and not at all trendy ;)

    "Cattle" or sheep

    Indoctrinated from birth controlled to the grave.

    baaaaaaa :-)

  7. Nigel Jones
    Thumb Down

    Live OneCare family safety

    I've found the family safety component very useful yet MS still aren't supporting this under x64 vista. Amazing it's been a year since Vista's release and MS themselves aren't taking x64 seriously.

    left hand, right hand ??


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