back to article UK lags Europe on PC sales

The United Kingdom had one of the slowest growing PC markets in Europe in the three months ended 30 September. In total, Western Europe bought 13.8 million computers, up 17.7 per cent on last year and mainly driven by the consumer market and "back-to-school" purchases. UK PC sales grew 13.6 per cent to 2.9 million in the …


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  1. Mike


    Without seeing the trends from the past few years and knowing more comparative info its hard to make definitive conclusions on these results.

    Is the UK market already saturated?

    Do people in the UK use computers for longer?

    Are self-built systems counted?

    How are these sales counted?

    Are these figures extrapolated from a small sample and is there inherent skew in the figures...

    Do we even care?!?


  2. alphaxion

    figures speak differently to me

    while the percentage growth was larger than the uk's, the volume of units sold was higher than both france and germany - which suggests to me that the uk pc market is bigger or more developed than that of its rivals..

    kinda like saying the "tiger economies" put other western economies in the shade when it comes to growth, yet the smaller percentage of the developed western economies were prolly more than the real value of the tiger economies growth.

  3. Clovis

    Statistics, ain't they a bitch

    So, when you say 'UK lags Europe on PC sales', you mean 'UK PC sales exceed those in Germany and France, despite Germany having a significantly larger population'.

    I guess you just cut and pasted someone else's article without even reading it?

  4. Frank Bough

    UK lags Europe?

    Shouldn't that read: UK lags REST of Europe?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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