back to article Ballmer nails Founder to Windows mast

Founder Technology, China's second biggest PC maker, after Lenovo, is to pre-install Windows Vista on business lines and laptops. Previously, it put Windows only on consumer desktops as a matter of course - about 30 per cent of overall shipments. It looks like Microsoft will plough much of the OEM cash straight back into …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    For a minute I though you meant Ballmer had nailed Gates to a mast...


  2. Terence McCarthy

    ‘Ballmer nails Founder to Windows mast’

    This amounts to an offence under the Trades Description Act- I wanted to read about Gates being attached by a nail-gun to a flag-pole on the twee place in Redmond.

    What I got was an obscure reference to a dancing monkey and some apparent company in a country near to Tartary.

    I shall only read the Inq if such disappointment recurs!

  3. Robert Long
    Gates Horns

    Ahh, the smell of the free market

    You WILL take this operating system, no matter how much you say you prefer XP.

    Microsoft can't even allow Microsoft to compete on an even playing field with Microsoft. How soon before the XP department calls in the DoJ to investigate the Vista department?

  4. Ian

    Trades Description Act

    I have to agree.... the reg is beginning to sound more like the Sun every day :( except without the t*ts

    I shall only read the Inq if such disappointment recurs!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    here's an idea...

    I vote we get someone to make an anonymous phone call to the TSA and DHS and tell them that Ballmer is actually a drug mule...

  6. Adrian Esdaile

    Where's my coat?

    For some reason, I read the headline as:

    "Founder nails balls to Windows mast"

    and then expected a story about Bill G going on a bit of a bender.


  7. Anonymous Coward

    The New Rule of Club Reg!

    "I shall only read the Inq if such disappointment recurs!"

  8. Steve Welsh

    Yo Guys and Gals

    It's actually the Trade Descriptions Act. Please fucking note where the 's's are.

  9. Tim Bates

    Ballmer as Ambassador?

    Let's hope so... The bumbling idiot is half the problem with Microsoft these days. They'd do well to send him to China permanently.

  10. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Tim Bates

    Great idea. They've got nuclear weapons, itchy trigger fingers, paranoia and absofuckinglutely no sense of humour. How can this go wrong?

  11. Shakje

    Yo Steve Welsh


    You sure fucking told them. Cunts.

  12. Dave Coventry


    The idea appeals hugely.

    There is something riveting about stacking up all the ingredients of a complete disaster and lighting blue touch paper.

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