back to article Carphone Warehouse to pitch Irish broadband

Carphone Warehouse is set to step into the Irish broadband market with the launch of three packages under its TalkTalk service. The mobile phone retailer expects to unveil its TalkTalk Broadband products before Christmas. "The plan is to have TalkTalk Broadband available by the end of the year and it will be available to both …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    What has Ireland done to deserve this?

    Maybe it's retaliation for inflicting Ryanair on us.

  2. Madge Silver badge

    Really Competition?

    Are they planning to do more than resell eircom 1Mbps and 2Mbps DSL?

    Which is only available to maybe 60% of households. Due to the approx 26 Eur line rental, the number of housholds with phone line has fallen from 82% to 69%.

    About 85% to 90% exchanges enabled but many lines fail due to poor copper or even pair gains installed since privatisation.

    This IMO does nothing for the Irish consumer.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Poor so and so's

    I recently quit yawn yawn after they took over my previous provider (Onetel).

    I paid for an unlimited download and guaranteed speed but they wanted to give me free for life broadband (sic).

    When i questioned them, I was going to be capped and the upload and download speeds were throttled. They weren't providing the (lack of) service for which I was paying, had varied my contract without prior notice in writing so I got out of it immediately.

    They are one of the worst providers I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. I pity the poor, unsuspecting Irish who sign up with them.

  4. Mountford D
    Thumb Up

    Not as bad as I thought

    I changed my ISP to TT in the house because all the family needed was a bog-standard OK connection and a saving of nearly £20 a month was an offer I could not refuse. I was mildly surprised when the expected constant drop-outs and slow connections did not materialise other than from around 11pm to midnight when everything appears to die.

    Maybe, just maybe, TT are genuinely listening to criticisms and are doing something right, as opposed to my previous line supplier whom we all know never listens to any of their customers, unintelligible billing, famous for frequent changes to their broadband service name and incarnating itself in many guises through their broadband wholesale programme.

  5. anthony bingham

    'dis broadband thingy must have a "head" on it !

    If the Carphpone Warehouse want to impact the emerald isle then it needs to understand that the future is Green and Leprechauns are deaf and communicate by a complex pattern of Guiness Burps!

  6. Madge Silver badge

    Not unsuspecting irish

    "3"'s so called up to 3.6Mbps "Broadband" still doesn't work and the National Broadband Scheme has been shelved to pay for Wood Pellet Stoves.

    Several Satellite "broadband" suppliers that were going to repeal the laws of physics (Low latency Geo Sync Satellite !) are gone...

    And there is Perlico already.

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