back to article Swedes look to join online gambling party

The ruling Moderate Party at its annual conference last week voted to abolish the Swedish government-run monopoly in gambling, Poker News reports. Breaking up government monopolies in booze, gambling and pharmaceuticals is an established plank of the Moderate Party's platform, so the move is not overly surprising, but the vote …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    I am sorry, but gambling/alcohol monopolies exist for a reason

    I am completely against Reinfelt's government proposal to privatise and liberalise Svenska Spel.

    Sweden and other European countries have these monopolies for a purpose, that is to allow light gambling without allowing to go overboard.

    Putting profit before welfare can lead to gambling addiction which is growing with the help of internet gambling sites like Bwin and others. Beforehand, it was difficult like Bingo Lotto's prizes being objects (such as cars etc.) rather then money

  2. Anonymous Coward

    what will happen

    Is that instead of regulating these industries they will _be_ these industries (ie the industries will regulate the gov) he who has the money runs the show. I am looking at the results I don't like it not one bit.

  3. Adriaan Brink

    Get the facts right

    Under European law a state may restrict access to foreign services where they are not deemed appropriate. Your arguments that the states monopolise lottery etc in order to protect "innocent civilians" are nonsense - if that was the concern the state monopoly would not be dishing out the same vices and advertising as freely as they do.

    Fact is that across Europe gambling is accepted and often protected for state monopolies - this falls foul of the EU free trade agreements. If you think gambling is a bad thing then you should argue for abolition, not protectionism.

    Be happy that with fair competition at least you will get a more competitive option for the consumer.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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