back to article Sony sees red over PSP

Sony has refreshed its PSP line-up for the Christmas rush. It's releasing the handheld console in a seasonal red shade and with two accompanying bundle packs. PSP_red Sony's red PSP: available with a TV tuner Dubbed the Deep Red PSP, gamers will be offered the unit in either a Value Pack or a Seg Pack – so called because it …


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  1. AndyB
    Thumb Down

    The biggest problem........

    with the PSP is that it still isn't a DS

  2. Steve Barnes

    Re: The biggest problem........

    I have both handhelds, and I have to disagree.

    The DS is good fun, and I love Pokémon & bomberman, etc. but in terms of real games, the PSP is great. Ratchet is amazing, Ridge Racer kicks ass, MGS Portable Ops is fantastic, Death Jr, Virtua Tennis, Burnout, etc etc. Plus it's my MP3 player & Car Stereo when hooked up with my FM transmitter too :)

  3. Anonymous Coward

    @ Steve Barnes

    So, 'real' games = cut down PS2 games?

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  4. Mark Rendle

    @ Anonymous Coward

    As opposed to cut-down N64 games with a stylus crowbarred in?

  5. AndyB
    Thumb Up

    I wondered how long.........

    it would take to get the fanbios out

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