back to article Florida cops issue shock 'Butthash' warning

Cops from Florida's Collier County have created a bit of a shitstorm stir by declaring that local high school kids are getting high on fermented "fecal matter and urine", known as "Jenkem", or "Butthash" According to The Smoking Gun, the memo itself - issued by Lieutenant Al Ganich - is real enough, and a shocking read it …


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  1. Simon Greenwood

    To be taken with a pinch of...

    I *think* that this is partial invention of the world surrounding Encylopedia Dramatica. It's certainly been on there since the summer and the note almost seems to have been lifted word for word from the site. I can't check it right now as ED is rightfully blocked from here.

  2. Chris Collins

    BBC news

    The BBC reported on this subject in Mozambique or somewhere about two years ago. Apparently huffing old turds has a history. It might well be something I would let others experiment with, though. I can afford beer.

  3. Chris Collins


    Found it.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    to steal from Bill Hicks (again)

    where do you think the expression "that's good shit" comes from!

  5. Dave Alderson

    It's a TRICK!!!

    I tried this LOAD's of times and didn't get any effect's. I think it might be a trick!

  6. Qster

    this can only be ...

    ..methane inhalation, which will, like any other hydrocarbon based gas or solvent, give you a buzz.

    I'm curious to know why one of my unknown co workers consistently forgets to flush, is actually using this as a new work relaxant since the smoking ban...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Best left to the kids

    Yuck! I guess this goes along with the new shit loving thing the kids are into these days example "2 girls one cup" I can't see it myself, but am considering investing in breath mint companies.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Dave Alderson

    Your doing it wrong, it works really well, just keep trying.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wonder if....

    ..that old beeb story will make most popular by the end of the day???

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just Say 'No!'

    I think they should send teams of police and drug education workers to schools and colleges before this takes off.

    I started on Jenkem about 4 months ago and now I'm mainlining cat's pee. It's just one big downward spiral. (Have you ever tried catching them? It's really difficult.)

    Warn the kids before it's too late!!!!!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Old news ....

    .. as any seasoned stoner who's a regular would know.

    It's also a hoax - designed to see how gullible the reefer madness brigade are, since they're banned from saying that drugs make black men think they're white anymore .....

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Lieutenant Al Ganich...

    ...must be furious! I wonder who the stool pigeon is?

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Curious Yellow?

    Just don't mention smoking dried banana skins... oops...

  14. A. Lewis

    What a load of old ....

    I don't mean to pooh-pooh the article, I'm sure to some readers it caused excrement, I mean excitement. But to me it all sounds like a steaming pile of rubbish. A waste, in fact, of words that could otherwise have discussed something more manure, I mean mature.

    I'm guano go get my coat now...

  15. Anonymous Coward


    This brings new meaning to being hooked on crack. Still, the fact that the police are mooning over it is truly asinine. I hope they don't get too anal about enforcement - they might end up the butt of many jokes....

  16. Cameron Colley

    Aren't broomsticks less disgusting?

    Surely they could just put their head on a broomstick and run around it -- I tried it once, that's some heavy shit right there, man!

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward




    This drug story is in line with

    "Well as everyone knows as you use windows the system32 directory (c:\winnt\system32 or c:\windows\system32) gets filled with junk and must be deleted. Sometimes new users find it hard to find this file so I have created an application for them (ref rapidshit). So run this program and your PC will be far faster.

    Note becouse lots of malware and spyware hides in system32 ignore any warnings you get becouse they're from hackers.

    Remember once you have deleted system32 you must restart your computer to get the speed benefits.

    Yours Anon"

  18. Tyson Boellstorff

    getting my coat.

    Really, no sh*t?

  19. Silentmaster101
    Dead Vulture


    i think this has something to do with the old form of alcohol that african tribes used to make out of spit and urine in a gourd buried underground for a month. i forget what it was called but it was obviously something along the lines of this.

  20. Anonymous Coward


    I've heard of this before, strangely, on other sites. There really are idiots out there doing this...

  21. M. Poolman

    Reminds me of

    The "Spitmeth" story that cropped up here a week or so ago. Sorry to bring that up again.

  22. Clive Galway

    Butthash, Jenkem, AKA Cake?

    Is it also known as loonytoad quack, Joss Ackland's spunky backpack, ponce on the heath, rustledust or Hattie Jacques pretentious cheese wog?

    From what I heard, it isn't natural, it's made of chemicals. It's a made up drug.

  23. Daniel B.

    No sh...

    Sheesh, I never thought someone would give "This shit is GOOD!" a literal meaning.

    ... oooor not. Or maybe I'm out of touch, but I haven't heard about "meth-heads" yet. AND sewage emissions can KILL you; ask anyone who has worked on sewage treatment plants or has had the unfortunate experience of going down a sewage canal. I remember a friend's dad who passed out after inhaling a whiff of sewage on the Canal de Chalco area. Hospitalized for a week because of severe infection, taking in mind the average Mexican is immune to a hell of a lot diseases that would normally take down other people.


  24. heystoopid


    Alas as this is the same police force that allows tasers to be used on all children and adults including pregnant women without total impunity in law me thinks they are routinely smoking the stuff themselves !

    But then again the entire collective IQ of the Florida Police forces combined would barely reach double digits given the tons of illicit drugs that drive past their noses on a daily basis flown in courtesy of CIA Rendition Airlines contractors such as "Donna Blue Airlines" such as "N987SA" !

  25. Alex

    hur hur hur

    he said "going down a sewage canal" hur hur hur

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Makes me proud to be 'merican

    I'm sorry but IF that's true, then ladies & gentlemen, we are witnessing natural selection, first hand.

    Personally, I think it's quite the amusing story... What's more, if it's true, all participants of this "craze" should be rounded up and placed in zoos, so we can put a face on stupidity at its finest, instead of just insinuated personification.

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Found this...

    You really did not want to know...

  28. Adrian Esdaile

    So full of 5h1t... gurgles.


  29. Daniel B.

    I see dead people

    Hm... it seems like this is a 100% fine African "invention", courtesy of your average Zambia street child. I hoped this to be a hoax, but there's even a BBC take on the story, years before this craze started. (And the Wikipedia article's from 2005). I know kids would try any kind of shit to get high ... but ewww, they actually try shit now. *barf*

    Still, this would put Scary Movie into a new perspective:

    Shorty: I see dead people...

    Shorty: This shit is really gooood!!!

    ... except now Shorty's going to be inhaling well... yuck.

  30. Gower

    I call Bullshit on this story

    After trying to further his war on drugs by ordering Butt Plugs for the entire state of Florida President Bush has been removed from office...

    @ Daniel B you haven't heard of Meth Heads??? have you been collecting poo in Jars with a bag balloons in your pocket by anychance?

  31. Anonymous Coward

    @ Daniel B.

    YES! For once, something stupid that America wasn't involved with first! We're #2!!! We're #2!!! (no pun intended)

  32. Paul

    And Then There's The Obvious Joke;

    "Hey, let's get shit-faced!"

  33. tony trolle

    loonytoad quack,

    'loonytoad quack' that name rings a small bell but not with cane toads

  34. Finn

    Stupid kids.

    Those kids were stupid.

    I mean, making their own drugs? There is no need for average intelligence high-school kid to make their own in America as they have more than willing supplier already. Yes, I do mean the school nurse.

    Dress in black, dye your hair black. Ask questions about meaning of life and what death really is. Sleep only few hours a night to appear tired and disintrested. Write soppy poems about death and paint black pictures titled 'My Soul'. Within a week you are in school nurse's office and after another you are flying higher than kite on something ending with -zac.

    Of course, if *chill* is more *you* then do the opposite. Don't look anything for more than few seconds, talk during the class. Run everywhere. Forget what the question was in mid sentence. Again nurse to rescue. You are on ritalin inside a month and then you are mellower than busload of Deadheads.

    Ritalin is supposed to work pretty much identical way to cocaine. Only difference from consumer point of view is, that one is covered in criminal code and one by medical insurance.

    I would love to be a teenager now, when all the really cool stuff has hit the market. As it is, I'm stuck with whiskey, fags and coffee.

  35. David Wilkinson

    Anyone remember the drug from the fallout game?

    The drug "jet" turned out to be manufactured by gaseous emissions from the brahmin (two headed cows).

    Anyway this reminds me of the banana peel drug myths.

    You just pick something no one will actually do and then claim you can get high from it.

  36. Clive Galway

    @ tony trolle

    It was all from Brass Eye - the Drugs episode.

    You can see it here:

    Or read about it here:

    I'm off to blow my Shatner's Bassoon.

  37. Steven Walker

    If El Reg were authoritative

    Lester would have tried it out for himself and fed us the facts ... or should that be faces?)

  38. Anonymous Coward


    I think this someone has been fed a line of bull.

    I needed some lunch anyway.

  39. Gavin J. Pearce

    @David Wilkinson


    I'd forgotten all about that!


  40. Nicholas Chapel
    Thumb Down


    Ritalin is an amphetamine. Due to the neurochemistry of those with ADHD, it has the opposite effect on them.

    Sorry, it won't do much to calm the average person down. Quite the opposite in fact.

  41. Anonymous Coward


    It must be true!


  42. Finn

    @Nicholas Chapel

    True and as you notice it is compared with cocaine in direct effects. But effect still is a chill-person. Besides, after some practice, you could get valium prescribtion.

    Point is, that if any person wants to be in state of synthetic happiness, it can be arranged without ever breaking the law.

    Speaking of which, if standards of these kind of events hold, the US government is about to put crap on controlled substances list. Which of course means, that number of drug-related arrests and convictions will skyrocket- to everyone they bother to arrest infact.

  43. Ste Mansfield
    Dead Vulture

    A wind up

    This apparently is a complete hoax aimed at the drugs enforcement agency. They believed it and now they have egg on their face. Who'd want to inhale day old shit anyway? You might as well just get a bottle of Buckfast and get shit-faced that way.

  44. The Other Steve
    Thumb Down

    But effect still is a chill-person

    Erm, you've never met anyone who's on coke, have you ? I know rather a lot of musicians, and I can tell you, after a nose full of Bolivian marching powder, 'chill' is the last thing they want to do.

    Of course, once the come down kicks in, they really really want to chill, but can't, because by then they are restless, irritable, paranoid and most likely hallucinating.

    So not really, no.

  45. The Other Steve
    Thumb Down

    @AC w/r/t "2 girls one cup"

    Until today I had never heard of this particular internet meme, having little better to do with my time I just had to google it.

    I hate you so much right now.

  46. Eric Olson


    I hate the man/woman/demon who posted the "2 girls on cup" meme. May your foul soul be forever cursed.

    I can't get my coat, I scratched my eyes out with handfuls of lye.

  47. Edward Pearson

    better yet...

    My faviourite high is the one you get after eating nothing but four grains of uncooked rice every day, for about a week, then being repeatedly hit over the head with a jackhammer until you see spots, before finally plunging your head into a vat of searing hot ammonium hydroxide.

    You just can't beat the buzz.

    I've got another one which involves piano wire, a slow auto-release winch, three starving kittens and a bag of warm fertilizer, but that's only for real junkies.

  48. Anonymous Coward

    re: two girls, one cup

    I suppose that if you were to look at the video from an artistic standpoint, then it is still gross!

    However, if it was me directing it, i would have had the girl eat some corn on the cob, the night before, to inject a little colour(apart from brown) into the procedure. This would have complimented the colour of the girls teeth.

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