back to article ICANN tweaks root DNS server

Attention IT mavens: It's time to update your DNS servers. Last week, ICANN setup a new IP address for one of the thirteen "root name servers" that oversee DNS queries across the net, and it plans on retiring the old address as soon as the late spring. It's a rare change to the internet's domain name system that will likely …


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  1. daniel

    Instant DDOS...

    Who is the poor bugger who will get set up as his new gateway or server address...

  2. Steve P


    Hopefully not a malware author or skiddie...

  3. Chris

    "DNS is fairly robust"

    ...will go down in history as famous last words, in the same vein as "What's the worst that could happen?"

  4. Pete

    "DNS is fairly robust"

    or indeed, as many will know: "How hard can it be?"

  5. Eduard Coli

    DNS outsourcing

    ICANN would probably like to move DNS away from the US.

  6. Michael Acosta

    Re: DNS outsourcing

    > ICANN would probably like to move DNS away from the US.

    Uhh, several of the root servers already anycast from outside the US, in fact from many places all over the globe:

    To date, F, I, J, K, and M all have nodes outside North America and thus outside the US. It makes sense - why confine yourself to a single location far away from many of your consumers?

  7. SImon Hobson Silver badge

    In reality ...

    this is (or should be) a non-event.

    When BIND starts up, it doesn't use it's root hints file as-is, it uses them a list of server that it can then contact to get an up to date list. So it only needs one of them to be contactable for it to get an up to date list - after that it's business as usual.

    I would hope that all implementations would do the same, but then you never know what clever implementation ideas someone might have come up with !

This topic is closed for new posts.

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