back to article IBM fails to ship even the most meager four-core Opteron box

When the four-core "Barcelona" version of Opteron launched in Sept., IBM shouted louder than any other Tier 1 server vendor about the chip's performance. It touted the 1.9GHz Opteron-based System x 3455 as a marvel, running the box through the SPEC CPU2006 suite. And now, just a few weeks later, IBM has flagged its benchmarks as …


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  1. Nexox Enigma

    1.9 GHz is the slowest Quad Opteron?

    The Opteron 2344HE is a quadcore 1.7 ghz chip. Then there is the 2346HE, which is 1.8 GHz. 1.9 GHz is the only one that I can find for sale (though out of stock) anywhere on the webs (in my admittedly brief search.)

  2. Chris Cartledge

    No Barcelona boxes from any Tier 1

    No tier one supplier is yet offering AMD Opteron "Barcelona" based servers on the open market.

    The Dell site today says of the PowerEdge SC1435 "Up to two Quad-Core AMD OpteronTM 2300 series processors (when available from AMD)". Only 2-core 22xx dual core AMD Opteron processors are listed for the HP ProLiant DL385 G2, for the IBM System x3455 and for the Sun Fire X2200 M2. Barcelona should be great for computation, but the only SPECfp_rate2006 results for AMD 23xx are from AMD (on a variety of motherboards), IBM (to be pulled?) and Supermicro.

    This AMD tale just gets sadder and sadder.

  3. gizmo23


    According to AMD's website, HE means "highly efficient" which they use "to reference our lower wattage processors". Like it says in the article, slower low-watt processors exist, e.g. the 2344 HE

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