back to article Biostar unwraps AMD 770 chipset mobo

First MSI, then Asus, now Biostar has become the latest mobo maker to pre-announce one of AMD's upcoming RD790-based chipsets by stating it'll be used on a new motherboard. Today, Biostar emailed us about the TA770 A2+, based on AMD's as-yet-unannounced 770 chipset. The 770 connects to the processor across a 5200 million …


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  1. Moo

    Finally a card without SLI

    I was in need for an uncluttered mainboard without those Crossfires, SLIs and their plothera of PCI16x lanes. Yes, I'm a power user who wants computing power not a game machine.

  2. michelle mabelle

    Requires special 6 pin power instead of 4 pin

    Note the 6 pin instead of a 4 pin square

    also the 4 rectangular power

    and 24 pin power

    a NEW Good power supply is required

    guess the REG didn;t get all the info

    yet again ;-D

  3. michelle mabelle

    8 pin not 6 nor 4 PLUS standard 4 rectangle

    Actually I missed the blow up of the mother board

    I'll correct myself ;-D and admit I messed up

    It is an 8 pin motherboard extra power PLUs 24 pin Motherboard power PLUS 4 pin HD Rectangle power

This topic is closed for new posts.

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