back to article Navisite scrambles to restore web hosting service

Navisite, the US webhosting firm, is scrambling to fix an extended outage that is believed to have rendered tens of thousands of websites inoperable for more than three days. The company hopes to completely resolve the problem by Tuesday morning at the latest. The interruption started Saturday as part of a planned move to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Not funny anymore

    A planned 12 hour outage is a long time in today's Internet world. But when 12 hours become 4 days and counting with no end in sight and with possibly a 175.000 websites down, it's certainly beyond funny and amusing. I'm thinking about the word class-action...for those still on their feet to join one when this all is over.

  2. Cynthia Brumfield

    Navisite Has Knocked Off 200,000 Web Sites Through Incomptency

    Navisite is feeding you a lot of nonsense. Up to 200,000 web sites have been knocked off line, including several of my own.

    And they are glossing over the "unexpected issues" that have kept people offline and without email for FOUR days. Here's what Navisite did: it relocated by truck hundreds of servers from Baltimore to Andover, MA without first performing adequate back-up and in direct contradicition to what it told clients it would do.

    When the servers arrived in Andover, Navisite did not know how to reconnect them. They simply lacked in-house the adequate technical expertise to get up to 200,000 web sites up and running.

    Given that I've had no email nor access to my web sites, I've pretty much spent the whole day blogging about Navisite. You're right that there's nothing worse than an angered blogger.



  3. Cynthia Brumfield

    Navisite Deserves Everything It Gets

    The class-action attorneys are already smelling blood in the water -- I've been contacted by at least one. I'm not one for litigation, but when a company shuts down someone's web site for 70+ hours now, out of sheer incompetence, I might add, it deserves to be put out of business instead of all these small mom and pops that Navisite is destroying.

  4. Nick Stallman

    Dry run?

    What happened to doing dry runs?

    I deal with large databases and whenever I need to move them I *always* make sure that the way I'm doing it will work before I pull the plug.

  5. Michael H. Bartlett

    Navisite- inexcusable fiasco

    They are lying through their teeth. Emails started bouncing on the 31st, days before the move, and I have only one site up at 8:30pm Monday EST. They continue to spew false information, and who knows how many emails, how many sales, how many contacts were lost.

    When their online migration failed they just pulled the plug on their servers and threw their customers livelihoods away. You cannot imagine the anger of the business owners and non-profits as their sites disappeared as if they had never been there. You can't blame the resellers- other than that they believed the malarkey from Navisite.

    The economic damage their incompetence created is enormous, and their continued refusal to deal honestly with their customers reveals just how low this company is. Can't wait to get away from them.

  6. Dr A W Mace

    Internation Charities sites down

    The number is certainly much more than suggested in the article. I had around 150 domains down for over 60 hours from some 20 different countries including UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain etc as well as US sites. Losses run into thousands of pounds and a number of small international charities are affected.

  7. Dr A W Mace

    and its all down again

    After two hours on-line and desperately trying to get messages to customers and users its all down again. Looks tlike somebody has screwed up the routing tables..

    Calling this lot a bunch of amateurs is an insult to amateurs.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    "Losses run into thousands of pounds"

    "Losses run into thousands of pounds"

    No problem, you simply switch to your backup plan. You know, the one that you have incase one of your suppliers dissapears? You do have a plan don't you?

    Or is it a case of thinking "Hmm, I'm paying a single, relatively cheap company to host my business(es) website(s). If there is any significant down time or the company goes bust I'll loose thousands of pounds. Should I invest a little in a second-supplier backup plan? Nah, I'll risk it. Can't see any problem with putting all my eggs in this loverly basket."

  9. Smartie
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    This is a mess

    And all sites are down again. Over 4 days now. I am in Australia, and a number of other Australians are also affected. This is costing people dearly, worldwide.

    Where do we sign up for the class action suit?

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    Same moving Crew?

    They must have used the same company as Server4You did last November.

    Exact same sort of move, bad communication, bad plan, no backups, dropped servers, corrupted disks, people offline for days, no apology and no compensation.

  11. Rebecca Dittman

    No money lost but business still effected

    As a small UK charity we have not had any financial fallout from the debacle of 'NaviBlight's' incompetence. Our heart goes out to all the many businesses that have felt the pinch. However we have nevertheless been effected by loss of email and our presence on the Net.

    'NaviBlight' should be publicly hung, drawn and quartered for this appalling mishandling. We are not in a position to afford to sue them and would welcome a class-action lawyer knocking on our door. This so called enterprise class data centre prides itself as being a leader in the field. To quote from the blurb on their website "NaviSite is a trusted advisor committed to ensuring the long-term success of our customers’ business applications and technology strategies." I think there are many like us who could put it slightly differently now.

    Finally a word to Andrew Ruhan (Chairman). Being in a similar, but perhaps somewhat more lowly, position than you, do the right thing and publicly apologise to the end-users instead of hiding behind your contracts to the web hosting companies you deal with. Secondly, the moral thing to do as you, like me carry the can whether you like it or not, is to step down. My scepticism however makes me believe that within the corporate world you inhabit, those morals do not exist.

    Rebecca Dittman


    The Gender Trust, UK

  12. Anonymous Coward
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    Its not unusual

    Valueweb managed to do it too....

  13. David Via

    WEBFACTORY from Spain

    We are suffering from Spain, companies like ours with Noc in Baltimore, the disastrous proceed on the migration of these large companies. In our view, have missed countless technical procedures that were due to take into account when planning this migration so great. We do not understand as in the year 2007, a company the size of Navisite, to incur these errors base, seriously damaging many ISPs worldwide.

    Companies like ours, from a country like Spain that is not known by the lateness of its infrastructure, which is why we hosted in the USA, are losing all the credit they have accumulated in the previous ten years, including, of course, distrust of our customers.

    But this confidence has been demonstrated in recent days, perhaps because of the quality of service we offer human and non overcrowded with customers' hosting rubbish ", which will fight for continuing to uphold: the best service and the best way .

    Encouragement to all those affected (us included).

    David Via

    WebFactory Internet-CEO


    Estamos sufriendo desde España, empresas como la nuestra con Noc en Baltimore, el desastroso proceder acerca de la migración de estas grandes empresas. A nuestro parecer, se han obviado infinidad de procedimientos técnicos que se debieron tener en cuenta a la hora de planear esta migración tan grande. No entendemos como en el año 2007, una empresa de las dimensiones de Navisite, pueda incurrir en estos errores de base, perjudicando seriamente a muchos ISP en todo el mundo.

    Empresas como la nuestra, desde un pais como España que no destaca por lo avanzado de su infraestructura, razón por la cual nos ubicamos en USA, están perdiendo todo el crédito que hemos acumulado en los diez años anteriores, creando, como es lógico, una desconfianza en nuestros clientes.

    Pero esta confianza, se ha demostrado en estos últimos días, quizás por la calidad de servicio humano que también ofrecemos y a la no masificación de clientes con "hosting basura", cosa que lucharemos por seguir defendiendo: el mejor servicio y de la mejor manera.

    Ánimo a todos los afectados (nos incluimos).

    David Via

    WebFactory Internet SL - CEO

  14. Rob Wallace
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    NaviSite Incompetence Forces Clients to Consider Class Action

    I had been a client of Alabnaza for over 10 years, and the hundreds of sites and domains that I developed, designed, coded and hosted on their domains were a significant source of my livelihood. My “day job” is with an environmental nonprofit, so let’s just say that supplemental income is a necessity if I ever want my son to go to college. I am at least thankful that my web dev businesses is no longer my SOLE source of income.

    What’s worst about this is the fact that most of my clients had become personal friends. Aside from income lost, I fear I am now going to be painted with the same brush of incompetence, lying, and disrepute that now tarnishes NaviSite. I can hardly blame them for feeling that way.

    I would like to add my name to the rapidly growing list of Alabanza/NaviSite “customers” interested in pursuing legal action against NaviSite. If you are a NaviSite investor, you should strongly consider bailing out now.

  15. J Walker

    Blog Concerning OneWorldHosting Problem

    I started a blog concerning OneWorldHosting. It is one of the companies affected by this move. I have no idea whether the number 200,000 is correct for the total accounts affected. However, I would say that potentially 18,000 visitors have been affected by not being able to go to the Aviongoo website ( alone over the weekend.

    And, Aviongoo is still being negatively affected due to inconsistent email. There is also a mysterious problem that cropped up with another vendor. Does anyone know whether BYETHOST is also affected by the Navisite problems?

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Hate to get political here - but are these the same corporate types running the war in Iraq (ie; no plan - botched form the start) I wouldn't doubt it - maybe they're all former "intellegence" officials (?). That would make sense.

  17. Cynthia Brumfield

    We're Going to Andover to Get Our Files -- Webcam coverage to be posted

    Well, Navisite isn't solving any of the problems, and I'm going to head to Andover from Washington, DC to copy our files off the server.

    I'll bring a webcam and post the footage at Let's see if they'll let us in.

  18. Sharky Laguana
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    Will join class action suit.

    Our business saw losses exceeding $20k as a result of this fiasco. I am considering filing my own lawsuit, but will consider joining a class action.

    Sharky Laguana



  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Worst Support Ever

    TheRegister concluded by saying Navisite "has set up two numbers customers who still don't have access can call to get their problems addressed." Wrong. Navisite's support personnel are clueless and in the dark.

  20. paul
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    Our company InfoLink IT's Servers have been down since the Saturday.

    InfoLink IT's Director has taken legal action against NaviSite and after 20+ phone calls and no return phone calls we were HAD TO TELL NaviSite what they need to do to get our servers up and running.

    It is very very very sad when our techs .. where we are a company of only 6 people had to tell a publicly listed company that has over 500 staff how to fix a major catastrophe.

    If you are in the same boat as us, YOU NEED TO TELL THEM TO REBOOT THE APACHE ON THE SERVERS. They did not beleive that this would help, but to their surprise, it got all 795 sites that were down live again.

    We had 3 servers... one working that only held 10 sites and 2 down, that held almost 800...we have been trying to request the root password for 12hrs which they could not give us because they told me that the tool they use to retrieve this password is BROKEN.

    We were very persistent and have been on the phone for over 5hrs today and told them that all they need to do is restart the apache on the servers.. finally after getting escalated to a higher tech level and talking to every Indian in their call center we get onto someone that would actually do what we wanted.

    Within 10 seconds of them restarting the apache ALL OUR SITES WERE LIVE AGAIN!

  21. Dr A W Mace
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    International effects

    Like quite a lot of Alabanza's customers I am outside the USA, with an international client list of very small businesses, NGOs and charities. I moved my sites from the UK to Alabanza about 10 years ago because of the better connectivity of US data centers and more economic telecomms costs. I stayed with Alabanza because of the good customer service and reliability inspite of the fact that I could have got equivalent hosting in the UK in more recent years.

    Looking at Navisite's business history over the last few years, I can only say I am horrified. In the UK and many other European jurisdictions they would have been shut down years ago. I am afraid this has poisoned my view of USA business and I will almost certainly be moving business out of the USA to a somewhat better regulated environment.

    Wake up USA - you no longer have the technical and economic advantages in this business and you are going to lose a lot of overseas business unless you clean up your business practises.

  22. Scott

    Class Action

    I have been talking with a Class Action Attorney.

    Wolf Popper LLP

    Long Island Office

    11 Grace Avenue, Suite 400

    Great Neck, NY 11021

    Telephone: (516) 726-7723

    Fax: (516) 726-7724

    New York City Office

    845 Third Avenue

    New York, NY 10022

    Telephone: (212) 759-4600

    Fax: (212) 486-2093

    Toll Free: (877) 370-7703

    Toll Free Fax: (877) 370-7704

    I explained the situation and he is having his team investigate my claims.

    If anyone would like to findout more please call him.

    At this point the damage has been done. We can not even access our server to move our clients and Navisite ignores our requests for help.

    I am sure many are in worse shape than us, some may even be out of business by now. Protecting yourself from Liabilities is also important. Your clients could turn around and sue you for lost income and damages.

  23. Anonymous Coward
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    Seven Days and Still Counting...

    Seven Days and Still Counting...

    By Steve M

    Posted Saturday 10th November 2007 18:14 GMT

    The sad part about this train wreck is that you can't talk to anyone who knows anything. At best, you reach someone in India and their response to all questions is "They are working on it". Its unfornuate that the folks in India are taking the all the heat for the NaviSite idiot who orchestrated the so called migration plan.

    NavSite's message from CEO Arthur Becker makes it appear everything is back online; just a few bugs left to work out. This is obviously not the case. Prior to that the messages read "we're 75% back on line". What does that mean? How about some news we can use, like when the other 25% is going to back online.

    Now, either no one is anwering the phone because the lines are backed up, or everyone went home for the weekend. In either case, this is unacceptable. They need to, at minimium, be posting technical updates, with estimated completion times. It's not the fact that we are down that concerns me, as much as it is when are we going to be back up. On the other hand, maybe they don't want us to know the truth. If we knew what was really going on, we would have moved to another service provider six days ago.

    My advice, if I want to have your clients' email running by Monday morning, you better start the moving process today.

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