back to article Dell bets big on storage

Dell is spending $1.4bn on storage company EqualLogic, which specialises in iSCSI storage area networks optimised for virtualisation. The direct-selling PC giant says the deal is done, it will hit earnings by 2 to 5 cents per share each fiscal year until 2010. The firm reckons hit is worth taking though to increase its share …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    ring ring

    Hi is that Compellent? - i need a new SAN vendor i can work with and trust...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Dell and Storage?

    I am not a Dell fan. But lets put it this way if Dell plans on selling storage to Corporate America and they people on the help desk are foriegn. This will not go down well in corporate america. In my small dealings with foriegn help desks they just do not have a clue. Although IBM on some of their software products are foriegn based and one of which is manned by a person that if I didn't know better was still fighting WWII.

  3. James Prior

    @Dell and Storage ?

    Then you need to buy a decent level of support.

    Working for a company in the UK that mainly buys Dell products I can tell you that we generally always get a UK or Irish call centre with our "Gold Support" - a must have for any enterprise server or storage system. Standard 3 year support, such as on a desktop PC or laptop, typically ends up being routed through to the east somewhere

  4. Tom Peach

    RE: Dell and Storage?

    I see the problem. I am not American and I can't understand you at all.

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