back to article ICANN annoints Vint Cerf's successor

The traditional ICANN board meeting that closes out the week-plus worth of meetings, public forums, and whatnot that constitute ICANN's thrice-yearly geek-fest brought in a new chairman today to replace departing internet legend Vint Cerf. The selection of Peter Dengate Thrush to replace Cerf overshadowed other important board …


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  1. b shubin
    Black Helicopters



    all your struggles are for naught.

    surrender, and you may serve me for the rest of your life. resist, and you will all die, quickly (busy busy, no time for that waterboarding stuff!).

    so, what will it be?

    [Reg really needs to get Lucas's permission to get either Vader or Palpateen icons for moments like this - the helicopter seems so inadequate]

This topic is closed for new posts.

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