back to article Asus' Eee PC laptop so small, buyers sent boxes of five

We know that Asus' Eee PC sub-sub-notebook is popular with hardware fans and Linux lovers alike, but does US supplier Newegg really have to send out five units for every one ordered? A number of buyers claimed to have received a handful of the handhelds when they only asked for a single machine. Eee User forum poster …


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  1. Tom

    Must be a BOFH angle here


    I suspect that the "extra" would be split (probably 3 to 1) with PFY. Full box, boss, what full box. I saw only your laptop. Yes, I'll re-install XP on it, removing that buggy Vista.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    out of stock

    They now have five times the number they thought they had - how can they be out of stock?!

  3. Kenny Millar

    I remember this happening before

    Years and Year ago, in about 1985 we ordered a 'Zenith' portable computer and it came in the box were 2! Similar idea, they are shipped to the supplier in a multipack and the picking guy at our supplier just picked up 1 box - not knowing it had 2 inside.

    What was more interesting was the unusual translation on the side of the box, which read "Our satification is your satification" - (Note carefully the spelling!) we were definitely "satificated"!

  4. Olof P

    Re: out of stock

    Since when does "in stock" include items who is in transfer, be it from the supplier or returning from customers?

  5. A. Lewis

    Darn, I want one of those so much.

    And that guy gets five?!?

    Really, really, jealous...

  6. Stuart Halliday


    Ok where in the UK can I order these from?


  7. Peter

    Reminds me of some laser printers...

    I ordered a colour laser printer guy turns up - surprised to be at a residential address, and asks where we want the pallet...

    They had shipped us 4 printers instead of one. Should have accepted delivery really, but there was no way I had anywhere to put them - wasn't able to accept only part of delivery, so had to reject the batch and wait for them to correctly deliver just one printer.


    -- Pete.

  8. Nathanael Bastone

    Unexpected deliveries

    This has happened a couple of times to me. first time, arrived home for the day to find a massive gas cylinder sitting on the driveway. after a couple of minutes looking around, discovered garage flat roof had been half-recovered. called the company on the cylinder, they had got the wrong house, they were meant to have done next doors. they tried to charge us some of the money for doing it, but we were having none of it, so they did it for free. Lucky for us, the neighbour had ordered a high grade of roofing, and the roof needed redoing anyway, so saved us a fortune.

    The other occasion involved Argos (A UK catalogue shop). We ordered a new, cheep, microwave. When the Argos van came, I was out, but someone signed for the delivery. When I got home, I found myself the new owner of a 52" plasma and matching stand. Being the Honest person I am, Argos was telephoned, and arranged to delivery the microwave and take back the goods. we received just a £5 gift voucher in compensation, which is a bit unfair I feel, since I babysat their goods in my garage for a night.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    How the phone call must've went...

    newegg: Hello, we believe we sent you 5 computers instead of one.

    customer: Oh yes, thank you very much.

    newegg: Um, would you be so kind as to send the 4 extra back?

    customer: You realize in the U.S. it's legal for me to keep them and I'm under no obligation to return them?

    newegg: Yes we do. But we are asking very nicely that you send them back.

    customer: Can you perhaps motivate me to send them to you instead of giving them to family members or selling them on eBay?

    newegg: Well, we'd really really really like them back. We'll pay your shipping.

    customer: So you are willing to pay me to ship these back to you, so you can recover your $1,600 worth of items? And that's it?

    newegg: Well, um. I can also give you a $50 gift certificate good for your next purchase at newegg.


    newegg: Did I mention we'd really really really like them back?


  10. Ryan Stewart

    Oh it would seem tempting...

    but I wouldnt doubt it would lead to some type of blacklisting from newegg. Youd need a backup plan, that is for sure.

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