back to article Scepticism over cyber-jihad rumours

Islamist hackers are reportedly making preparations to launch a cyber-jihad against Israeli and Western websites beginning on 11 November. Experts are split over whether to take the attacks seriously or not. Rumours of the putative attack first surfaced in Israeli intelligence magazine DEBKAfile earlier this week. It reported …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I know a few shiite websites that could do with an attack...


  2. Andrew

    72 virgins?

    I guess they'll be offered some sort of electronic equivalent - perpetual membership of 72 premium adult sites instead?

  3. Rob

    Virtual Martyrs

    so what are you saying, they have to top themselves afterwards... I think there'd be a slight reduction in virgins for this act, cause it's not really full blown Martyrdom.

  4. Ross

    -.- <-- scared face

    An impenetrable email network eh? Maybe they got it from Lord Goldsmith...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    More likely

    ... the powers that be are trying to distribute an Anti-Jihaadi Trojan to their PCs...

    It may work as described on the box, but it will probably add a Trojan key-logger of some kind to track the future activities of the Islamist morons that think they are participating in some "Great-Jihaad" (TM)(C) against "the Evil Imperialist Zionist Scum" (TM)(C)...

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Perhaps one of our Ruskie "friends" would lend us a botnet or 6 to take out Al-Queda before they get to us?

    It'd make a good story: 100 MILLION TROJAN FILLED XP BOXES CRASH OSAMA!

  7. Tawakalna
    Black Helicopters


    ..this latest scaremongering tactic from the makers of the "War on Freedom" hasn't exactly got me worried.

    now, should I be more afraid of the black helicopters or of tac-plod death squads?

  8. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    I'd laugh if all those wannabe Jihadis end up downloading some Russian zombieware that turns their PCs into "filthy decadent infidel" pr0n servers!

  9. Sceptical Bastard

    Rule 8

    I'm all for attacking shite websites.

    Oh, you said *shi-ite"!

    Mine's that explosive vest next to the brown overcoat. Taxi!

  10. Stu

    Virtual Martyrs can only get...

    virtual virgins. Okay, they're *virtually* virgins!

    Just remember: If you ain't Muslim, you ain't Shi-ite!

    I'm outta here!

  11. Ross

    Uh-oh, Goose is down!

    Awww, in an ironic twist it appears is down :o( I guess the thousands of would be cyber Jihadis saturated its pipes trying to get a hold of the software.

    (Actually it's failting to resolve but that's not as funny)

  12. Stan

    have to get a copy of that

    hope they do a linux console version, beats the crap out of rm -rf :)

  13. Jon Tocker



    Dear Cyber-Jihadi

    It has come to our attention that your machine was targetted by the filthy decadent infidels' counter-jihad software and your system was infected with a BIOS-destroying virus that has turned your glorious Jihad-PC into a door-stop.

    You are now officially listed as a VirtualMartyr in the Virtual Jihad. Please find enclosed photos of 72 Virgins* for your virtual paradise.

    If you ever get another functional computer you are welcome to join our ranks again.

    Praise be to Allah.

    * Actually it's 6 years worth of Playboy calendars.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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