back to article Beer better than water: Official

Almost exactly a month after we learnt that drinking beer makes you clever, a Spanish boffin has proved that the golden grog is also better at rehydrating the human body after excercise. Manuel J Castillo Garzón, Professor of Human Physiology from Spain's University of Granada, got a bunch of students to run around in …


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  1. Paul Young
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    A big thankyou for this research

    Right thats me sorted then...

    Next time I'm at the gym, I'm taking a four pack with me

    Riding those cycles that tell you how many calories you've

    just lost can kiss my ass.

    I'll replace the lost calories with beer. The machine can't win.

    As for weights, half a can between machines should make

    sure I don't get too de-hydrated


  2. Derek Green
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    For some Beer is the national religion...

    I'm living in Copenhagen at the moment and today in Denmark is Julebrygdag (Christmas Beer Day).

    Officially it's the release by the breweries of the new set of Christmas beers and a way of celebrating the start of the darker nights and the run up to Christmas. Unofficially, like many other things in Denmark, it's a great excuse to drink lots and have a good time!!

    Here's to clever scientists and sensible traditions :)

  3. Sue White
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    BEER - sports nutrition since 5200 BC

    Isn't science wonderful for telling us what we already know?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bad methodology

    Students will obviously be more acclimatised to living on beer than the average person. Get a more mixed sample group and you'll likely see different results.

  5. James
    Paris Hilton

    "replace lost calories" HUH?

    isn't the point of exercise to burn off excess calories?

    it's no wonder the fat bloke can't lose his beer belly.

  6. buddypepper


    How is that even possible? When you get drunk, you are feeling the effects of dehydration. You get dehydrated from drinking only beer...How is it possible that beer can rehydrate you, if that's the case?

  7. Ross

    Thanks for the story Captain

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. It's the weekend.

  8. paul clarke

    Duh!! We knew this already!!

    Having played ruggers in the military I can claim prior art to the knowledge passed down to you by prof "not so clever after all". When on tour our first aid kit consisted of cans of boddies, blackthorn cider and red stripe lager. Dependant upon the nature of the injury!!

    Also comes in handy as a fire extinguisher for when we do the dance of the flaming arseholes!!*

    * could not find a link to a video on utube because I did not look. Please feel free to do so yourselves.

  9. Guy

    Is Science to be forgiven now?

    At last Science has made amends for it's previous mistake, that of claiming women don't talk more than men.

    I really couldn't bring myself to believe anything science said after that little paper got published, but this may balance it out.

    Welcome back Darwin, I always knew I was a monkey once.

    I didn't bring a coat, and I spent all my money rehydrating after some exercise, if someone wants to lend me a coat, and give me a lift home, that'd be great.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    I you must exercise

    take the precaution of drinking beer first. Undue exercise leads to shortness of breath, stress injuries, and motor vehicle deaths (the cars don't die the runners, bicyclists do). Walk home from the pub it's all the exercise you really need.

    Happy Friday!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: buddypepper

    Hey buddypepper - You have the order of events mixed up...

    When you get drink, your body takes in all the liquids - alcohol being absorbed faster, it 'hydrates' you at a quicker rate than water... as the alcohol enters your bloodstream, you get "drunk"... high levels of alcohol lead to water being displaced in your cells, and you find yourself with excess fluids.. As your body metabolizes the alcohol, it requires a limited amount of water also. By the time you sober up, you will be dehydrated...

  12. Chris Fleming

    See I told ya so!

    I'm leaving this article on the kichen table tonight reformatted size 72, bold and underlined. She whom must be obeyed "will read this!"

    Cheers and beers from Chris living in hot dehydratiing Samoa.

  13. Steve Browne

    Therapeutic beer

    I always found beer to be therapeutic. I found it helped me to sleep at night, whilst in strange environments (staying away from home while contracting), helped rise in the mornings to do what had to be done, remain working at ungodly hours of the night, once while being held up by my project manager, helped in breaking down language barriers to communication, they should bottle it and sell it on ...

  14. Martin H Watson

    4 pack not 6 pack

    I've always preferred exercising a 4 pack than my 6 pack.

    Best wishes,


    Martin H. Watson

  15. Andy Silver badge

    re: buddypepper

    > When you get drunk, you are feeling the effects of dehydration.

    > You get dehydrated from drinking only beer...

    > How is it possible that beer can rehydrate you, if that's the case?

    Because it isn't the case.

    Instead of evidence, which is easily found via Google, I present a small thought experiment. Compare the desert to the Dog and Duck. Dying of thirst at no point provokes the same symtoms as a proper hangover, whereas a pint of bubbly brown balm alleviates the most powerful thirst.


  16. Derek Potter

    Everyone's wrong, everyone's right

    The alcohol in beer is a safety feature, placed there to protect you against excessive hydration.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is news?

    A long time ago, on a pitch far, far away ... our rugby team would have a keg of Guinness delivered in a wheel-barrow for half time refreshments.

  18. Mike Norris
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    Guinness for sport...

    A literal translation of posters that can be seen in some French speaking parts of Africa. So obviously both Guinness and the African peoples in question know that beer is better than water...

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