back to article X-Files movie sequel is go

The shoot of the second X-Files movie will kick off on 10 December in Vancouver, 20th Century Fox has announced. The company is remaining tight-lipped regarding details of the project, except to say it's a "supernatural thriller" which will "take the complicated relationship between FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in …


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  1. Alex Hearl

    IT and/or PH angle...?

    Where are they?

    [invoke rule 8]

  2. Tawakalna
    Paris Hilton

    but the first one was rubbish..

    ..and it won't get any better just because they're getting on a bit now and need the work. A sequel too far, methinks?

    Unless there's a bit part for Paris Hilton in it?

  3. Walter Francis

    I have a good reason to see it..

    Scully is hot, that's enough reason for me to download it. I mean... erm.. yeah, download it.

  4. Dave

    oh but its so 1990's

    I loved X-files in its time but lets face it , its time is past. What with Lost, 24 , Heroes, BSG etc it looks rather straightforward and pedestrian.

    Mind you I could be persuaded otherwise if Scully gets her kit off...

  5. Alan Potter

    Might it work like Star Trek?

    And the second one be good?

    Perhaps William Shatner could get a part in it...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Truth is Out There

    They might solve the biggest mystery of all - what happened to Duchovny's career.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Re: IT and/or PH angle...?

    I was wondering, could El Reg folks add a "Where's the Rise of the Machines -angle?" comment icon below?

  8. Shakje

    Re: The Truth is Out There


  9. Risasi

    I'm still catching up...

    I had let my X-Files viewing fall by the wayside about three years into the series. Graduating, getting a job and all that.

    I had just started catching up again when "they" yanked the rug out from under Methinks there is a worldwide government conspiracy.

    Trust no one...

  10. Thorin

    re: IT and/or PH angle...?

    @ Alex


    2) Note this article is filed under "Odds & Sods"

    3) What kind of IT person doesn't like news on Sci-Fi

  11. The Sceptic
    Thumb Up

    Can't wait

    I await with baited breath - something to look forward to.

    If you think his career has faded check out Californication - outstanding and down to earth.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    @The Secptic

    And just what drugs were you on when you watched it????

    Its just him shagging all day!!!

  13. spezzer

    californication meets....

    ...x-files - sounds like a excellent formula. its about time scully got her kit off!

    in fact scully and duchonvny's screen ex - natacsha gorgeousface - now that would make an intersting scene

    i'm off for a cold shower...

  14. Lee

    @@The Secptic

    and that is a problem why?

    is Anonymous Coward jealous?

    it's pulling off a ratings hit

    [rule 8 invoked]

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