back to article Samsung glass breakthrough to slash LCD TV prices?

Samsung scientists have figured out how to make LCD panels from ordinary glass plates, the company announced yesterday. If the process is put into production, it could dramatically reduce the costs of LCD screens for laptops and TVs. Ironically, Samsung subsidiary Samsung Corning Precision Glass produces the kind of high- …


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  1. Jeremy Hooks

    Much More expensive?

    >>However, the non-alkaline glass is much more expensive - around ¥6122 ($53/£26/€37) per square metre, according to market watcher DisplaySearch.

    £26 per 55in (i.e. 1 square meter) screen doesn't sound like a large percentage of the costs of an LCD screen.

  2. b shubin

    Surely smash or shatter prices?

    it IS glass, you know.


  3. Craig Lawson
    Black Helicopters


    Could this mean that they'll be called Liquid Glass Displays and people who buy them advised that "this product has the ability to move over time."

  4. Anonymous John
    Black Helicopters

    You don't slash prices by reducing them by 6%.

    Prices are dropping far more than that already.

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