back to article Lenovo ditches IBM from ThinkPad early

Lenovo, the desktop maker formerly known as IBM, is celebrating a solid set of quarterly results by announcing it will drop IBM's logo from its Think brand two years early. Revenue for the quarter ended 30 September was up 20 per cent to $4.4bn and profit before tax and restructuring costs was $125m, up from $45m last year. …


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  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dropping 'IBM' not 'ThinkPad' or 'Think'

    Granted that I'm only reading the same press release as you, but I says that Lenovo is removing 'IBM' from their 'Think' products. I imagine that ThinkPads will still be ThinkPads, just not IBM ThinkPads.

    And it's not just hardware, but all the associated ThinkPad software... like the new 'ThinkVantage Access Connections' software that I downloaded used to be 'IBM Access Connections'

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  5. Ross Fleming Silver badge

    You've missed the point?

    I'm struggling to see where Lenovo are planning to ditch the IBM's ThinkPad brand.

    "One important sign of this progress is our decision to completely transition our Think products from the IBM brand to the Lenovo brand two years earlier than planned"

    From what I've seen and what I'm understanding from the above comment, they're dropping ThinkPad's IBM brand. ThinkPad will still exist, but will be branded with Lenovo instead of IBM - this is evident from the fact that the new ThinkPads coming out are branded this way. They'd be fools to drop a massive brand that is so popular in the business community.

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  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: You've missed the point?

    Headline writer did indeed miss the point, namely that Lenovo is detaching the IBM name from the Thinkpad brand. We have corrected this error.

    Thanks to all who pointed out our inability to read: back to school for us.

  8. Richard Neill

    Quality back up?

    Would it be too much to ask Lenovo to fix the quality while they are at it? The old IBM thinkpads were really excellent machines (and well worth paying a premium for). The current Lenovos are pretty mediocre. The unfortunate effect of competition on price is that there are now no options for a buyer who would like to pay a 20% premium for a higher quality product.

  9. frankgobbo
    Black Helicopters

    Re: Quality

    I've been using a Lenovo T60 (badged as IBM on the palm rest) for 6 months now and have been totally happy with both the build quality and performance of the machine.

    But then I didn't have much choice in my machine, being an IBM contractor and all..

  10. Chad H.

    @ Headline Writer

    Think man, Think!

    (I'll get my coat!)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Fix URL

    You might have fixed the error but the URL still reads:

    'drops_thinkpad' being the part that is still broken.

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