back to article iPhone rubber fingers not a hoax, inventor insists

Register Hardware can confirm that it's possible to prevent smudging your iPhone’s display by rolling what looks like a black latex condom onto your finger - aka the weirdest iPhone accessory ever seen: the Phone Finger. The product’s maker claims the Phone Finger will “prevent smudges and fingerprints” on your iPhone or iPod …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sorry I missed your call....

    .....but I left my black-rubber-finger-mittens in my other trousers

  2. Haku

    Not just iPhone users

    Programmers should get these for safe hex.

  3. Joey

    iPhone touch vs iPhone

    I think you'll find that a box of surgical rubber gloves from SuperDrug works out considerably less than these and, as an an extra benefit, improves general grip. If, however, you are a heavy user, half a pair of Marigold brand kitchen gloves would do the trick - and last longer too.

  4. TeeCee Gold badge

    Sales opportunity

    I suppose that if Apple have gone out of their way to highlight a large group of "mug punters" for you, you might as well help yourself to a bit of the gravy.

    I think I'll market the "iWipe". These handy 5cm squares of lint-free cotton will remove the smudge marks from your iToy (sorry, iPhone) and you won't have to wear condoms on your digits to use 'em.

    Also available in packs of 25 for 7 euro-washers. Cost me bugger all as I'll just cut up an old sheet (maybe wash it first and possibly avoid the stains) and stick 'em in an envelope.......

  5. Daniel Gould

    NOT an original product

    These things have been in use in the manufacturing industry for years, used in microprocessor plants, optical assembly work, basically anywhere that requires dexterity and cleanliness. And they sure cost a lot less that €7 for 25!!

  6. Steve Evans

    You gotta laugh...

    Yes it looks great as long as you don't use it, touch it... Or look at it too hard!

    A bit like Vista really!

  7. Nick Palmer

    So these are basically...

    ..a handy way to confirm that iPhone buyers really ARE complete pricks?

  8. david

    entreprenurial or what

    They are 5USD for 5 gross if you buy 25 gross at a time.

  9. sleepy

    Finger cots . . .

    . . . are used for all sorts of things, and they are readily available and cheap. Try wikipedia or Google for more.

  10. Risky
    Jobs Horns


    This would ensure that anyone not laughing and pointing at the twit with the £909 phone, can laugh and point at the idiot with a pair of rubbers on his fingers.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Good luck to him!

    Lets hope he takes the credulous iPhone idiots for a fortune.

  12. Simon


    These things are called Finger Cots and are used in clean rooms.

    I have a large bag of them currently in my clean room at work (We build IT parts in there) and they cost me a lot less than this "Inventor" is selling them for.

    When ever I have a visitor to the room who sees them for the first time I have to await the inevitable giggle from them when they see what looks like a large bag of tiny condoms.

    Have a search on the web for RS online or Farnell and search for "Finger cots"

  13. Stu


    Seems obvious to me - save yourself some cash, go out n buy some rubber sewing thimbles (if you think wearing anything on your fingers is worthwhile in the first place).

    They'll look a lot less kinky to be going on with, and you wont look like a total freak spending five minutes trying to get the buggers on and off in the first place.


    These people are just mental.

  14. Charles


    TeeCee is on the right track with the "iWipe." I keep my iPhone in my pocket next to a folded microfiber cloth, the kind you use to clean eyeglasses. Most of the time, the screen is rubbing against the cloth and cleaning itself. I carry the cloth to clean my glasses anyway, works great on the iPhone screen too.

  15. Dean

    Ear condoms?

    Okay, so that will stop fingerprints and the like, but do they sell them for your ear if you need to make a phone call? Don't want ear marks on your iTool now..

  16. Mark
    Thumb Down

    Agreed Nick

    Not only will iPhone owners look like kn0bs for being suckered by the money grabbing b@stards called Apple, they will also look twice as stupid trying to keep their out of date featureless phone unmarked!

  17. Abdul Omar
    Thumb Down


    I mean, who would want to soil their fingers on an ipod phone?

    They don't interface properly with a real Windows computer because they are stuffed full of DRM that ties them to a single network. The only way you can get a signal is by paying Apple a huge non-refundable sum for a five year contract.

    Give me a break.

    And what makes this thing so cool? You can use your finger and thumb to send a message apparently.

    Well you can see how I use my thumb to send a message.

    And I'm sure you can imagine how I use my finger too.

  18. Les Matthew

    Is it just me

    rubbers in the "Hardware" section?

  19. John A Blackley

    I sense........

    A great resentment towards the spirit of free enterprise here.

    Regardless of where similar devices are used and regardless of how few shekels per million they cost elsewhere, here we have a guy just trying to make a buck by finding a niche market and exploiting it.

    After all, do we really need fluffy covers for our toilet seats, phones that double as entertainment centers or global positioning systems on an island the size of a large amusement park?

    As it happens, I have just invented a device that prevents those oily smears on the iPhone screen when you make or receive calls. It's called 'iSoap' and you apply it to your face, with water, twice a day. It comes in 'iBars' which cost seven Euros each.

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