back to article Domino's pizza prices may rise

The staple diet of cook-phobic carboholics is about to become more expensive, as pizza-peddler Domino's has warned the cost of ingredients is rocketing. A combination of factors, chiefly nasty weather in Europe and Australia and big demand in China, has pushed up the cost of the dairy and wheat products vital in making the …


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  1. Neil

    Thanks for the heads-up

    I shall adjust my financial planning spreadsheets accordingly.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Up by £2

    Our local domino's has already put up prices. They were charging £10 for a large pizza if collected but it has now gone up to £12

  3. The Douros

    Who cares...

    We still got kebabs...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    yeah whatever

    dominos have been scamming people for years its like 13 quid for a pizza, and if you buy online you arnt entitles to offers such as BOGOF or 2nd pizza half price etc. its a scam i bet i could buy all the ingredients in say a mighty meaty make it myself and the cost (including power consumption" would proably be 10 quid but id have enough for about 8 pizzas! its a farce that they are still in buissness for selling a substandard product for twice the price as everyone else. theres a take-away near me who uses the butchers next door for its meat, you can get a 14" pizza for 5quid and 2 for 7. id like to add that the butchers is also pretty famous. so again dominos you suck

  5. Andy S


    Dominoes pizzas use the cheapest, nastiest, ingredients they can find and sell them for 2-3 times the price of every other pizza place?? Even the cardboard box they give you the pizza in is flimsy and cheap feeling compared to others (although its possible those little plastic spacers cost £5 each, most other places just use rigid cardboard so they are not needed). I don't know how they have the cheek to say rising costs are forcing them to increase the price even further?

  6. Richard Twinn
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    "street rioting by Pepperoni Passion junkies"

    large pepperoni passion is 2000 calories, 200 per slice, won't stop me eating them and running down the street

  7. Ferry Boat

    subtracting the number from a large power of two

    They could save cash by stopping those bastard annoying adverts they have during The Simpsons. On-line delivery service, my arse.

    Their pizzas are little better than Pizza Slut's too. Bastards!

  8. Ross


    Seriously - does any coder really eat pizza whilst on the job? I tried it once - you forget how greasy it is and I hate greasy keys.

    Biscuits. That;s where it's at. Pizza is stuffed with fats that aren't going to give you that energy you need for hours. 3 packets of hobnobs will get your brain (and pancreas) fizzing along nicely, without any of that nasty grease.

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    As a Part Time employee of Domions I have have to be careful what I say expecially regarding the 'fairly extortionately-priced' pizzas. I also have to not sound like I am advertising them.

    With exception to management we are all on minimum wage (which has just gone up). Also fuel prices have gone up (more expensive deliveries). These two things alone mean that the higher management have to raise the prices to make sure that they receive bonuses sorry achieve store targets (Slip of the fingers there).

    Also some stores within a Francise lose money which are kept running by the more profiting stores. Why keep them open you ask, because the francise I work for are eager to keep good people in jobs. The staff at Dominos work very hard at times (it is not unusualy for a driver to drive between 100-150 miles in one busy night in an 8 hour shift, most homes are within 3 miles of the store)

    All indregiants are fresh, even the meat is pre cooked, quick freezed and only has a 4 day life from delivery.

    It is a booming business and most customers will not worry about an extra 50p as we do give a good service.

    As for unhealthy well according to the govenment claims nothing is good for you. However there was one Gentleman who ordered a small Pizza 1000 nights running (yes one thousand). What was even more amazing is that before he started eating pizzas he had had a heart bypass (he used to show off his scar). Only gave the drivers a 1p tip a time though the tight git ;-)

    No doubt people will think I am Biased but thats to be expected. I eat them (and yes even employees have to pay for them)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No scam, just whining, idiot customers.

    "dominos have been scamming people for years"

    No, it's not a scam. You know what you're going to get and you enter into the contract consensually. If you don't like the product, you don't have to buy it.

    The Market Decides.

    Quite right, too

    -- Jon

  11. Tom

    Is the prelude to Friday's installment of...

    BOFH? Surely it must be. Now if the price of beer goes up as well, we might as well go on strike.

    Pizza, Beer, repeat!

    Me: I prefer Round Table (USA brand) which may take a bit of looking for, but seems a bit fresher (my opinion). If you want to add the BTUs yourself, there is Papa Johns.

  12. Andrew Moore

    The programmers diet!!!

    In my day it was Pot Noodle and Jolt Cola...

  13. Tom Haczewski
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    Bloody Dominos

    I prefer Pizza Hut. The last two times I ordered from Dominos they got the order completely wrong - and when you're paying so much for the damn things you'd think they'd at least get it right. Plus our drivers are very rude, and 'never carry any change' - my arse.

    Pizza Hut is much better. Affordable and the flavour's better.

  14. Mike Taylor

    Dominos suck...

    I had a succession of painful incidents with Dominos. Best one was when I ordered three pizzas with different toppings and they delivered one. With every topping I ordered. The box was swimming in cheese, meat and fish.

    Eventually I got really quite upset and sent a pungent email to their customer service who rather sweetly sent me a bunch of vouchers. Which I tried to use, but got told (by the local dominos manager) "there's no such things as a f**** corporate voucher".

    So I gave up. But they still spam me, despite me emailing them direct since their email unsubscribe form wasn't working.

    Make your own. Much nicer.

  15. Anonymous Coward


    Maybe if they start selling these I'll frequent them.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Worst pizza I have ever eaten

    They might be cheap here in Oz, but Dominos are without a doubt the worst pizza I have ever eaten. Eating the box would probably be more flavoursome.

  17. Morely Dotes

    @ Anonymous Coward

    "you arnt entitles to offers such as BOGOF"

    Let me help. The fellow you spoke with on the telephone was telling you to "BOG OFF." If you speak like you type, I can understand why.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Random Domino Rumours

    I had a friend who was a manager at Dominos. I can't validate if these are true, but here's some things I've been told:

    * Including, ingredients, rent, electricity, franchise fees, wages, etc. A pizza costs about $2.30 to make (A bit more than a pound)

    * If you calculate average kms travelled multiplied by the Australian Tax Office's Guide to the expense of running a car (About 50c a kilometre), any employee using their own car to deliver pizzas was actually losing money. (I.e paid $12 an hour, but driving more than 24 km in a hour?)

    * When cooking a peperoni pizza about 150ml of oil is drained off the top before serving.

    * Because they don't want their trays to rust, they don't completely clean oil off the baking dishes. However, in his particular store, this attracts vermin... Even if it didn't I wouldn't like to think about bacteria. No wonder about one in five times I eat dominoes I get sick... I've gone gourmet pizza for a while now, a couple bucks more, but so much better!

  19. Anonymous Coward
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    Well, I live in the USA, and while I can honestly say that our country has gone downhill in many ways in the last 8 years or so, in the region where I live, I can get a 2-item large pizza (high quality, not Domino's) for >$10 US. (or probably about 6 quid British) USA, land of the mostly free, home of the obese!

  20. kain preacher

    Dominos are without a doubt the worst pizza

    Obviously you have never eaten little cessars.

  21. Darryl

    Little plastic spacers?

    I thought they were cocktail tables for the Barbie® Patio Set that my niece used to have.

    But I have to say that Little Caesar's is far worse than Domino's

  22. frankgobbo


    I used to eat Dominos occasionally in the UK. For 13 quid you could create a pizza online that was almost edible.

    In Australia, they're *CHEAP* - $5 for large pizza, 2 for $7 style (that's about GBP 2.50 for one, 3.50 for 2).

    But they're DISGUSTING. Seriously very, very bad.

    You lot in the UK don't know how good you've got it.

  23. frankgobbo

    And another thing

    Why is the ad at the top of the page trying to sell me Dominos pizza through eBay?

    It's bad enough as it is, without waiting 7 days for delivery!

  24. Shakje

    Dominos is bad.

    I've eaten a lot of pizza in my time and the Dominos where I live is easily the worst. I used to have them as my pizza of choice at home when I was younger and they were fantastic, however, here the Pizza Hut is far better and pretty much the same price, and if I want something cheap I can get a dirty della for a quarter of the price down the road.

  25. Luke May

    Domino's is site dependant.

    I've tried Domino's in 4 different places of the UK.

    I have to say it's site dependant.

    Nottingham = ok pizza, BOGOF.

    Eastbourne = good pizza, no deals

    Birmingham = god pizza, free garlic bread normally.

    London = box full of melted cheese, couple of bits of cigarette but and spittle.

    Where I live I went on a stint of eating 1 domino's a day for a month, and not just a normal sized domino's a large dominator texas barbeque. Possibly the fattest bastard pizza ever. Needless to say I didn't have many beer tokens on the weekend during that period.

    Normally the best pizza shops are the independants, it seems to me it's all about building a friendship with the makers of your pizza.

  26. Anonymous Coward
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    For the first time I actually made some DIY pizzas the other night. Only cheated and bought the bases. Made up a tomato sauce with loads of veggies in it (best way to get the kids to eat them) blended the sauce, got the kids to help add what they wanted on their pizza, drizzle some garlic olive oil on top and voila - ten minutes later some very delicious home made pizza -quicker than domino's could fleece your wallet.

    I don't think I will buy another delivery pizza again and I now have enough tomato based sauce for weeks of pizza and pasta :)

    Hungry now and its only 9:01 :(

  27. Scott Mckenzie


    ... you're paying for the convenience, of course you can make it cheaper, and possibly better, but it's not as convenient. Someone else said it above, if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.

    I'm fortunate that my local Domino's is excellent, it's close, the drivers don't all speak english but hey, a minor setback as they arrive quickly and are polite. I get freebies, and if you visit certain "hot uk deal" websites you can get 25% discounts too

    Don't order the new Ciabatta thing though, bread overload!

  28. Chris Morrison

    Homemade pizzas

    Where do you guys get your bases.

    I can get the toppings to taste not bad but I cant find a base that doesnt taste of cardboard. Nowhere near as good as dominos, pizza hut or my local (pizza express)


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